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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Planning a Baby Shower? : these tips make it stress free

One of the most pleasant parties to plan has to be the baby shower. The ... gets so much ... and she can just sit back and enjoy all of the fuss. The key to creating this ... event

One of the most pleasant parties to plan has to be the baby
shower. The mom-to-be gets so much attention and she can
just sit back and enjoy all of the fuss. The key to creating
this wonderful event is organization. Here's everything you
need to make your upcoming baby shower as festive and
memorable as possible!

Consult, Consult, Consult!

Because the parents-to-be may have more than one shower,
it's a good idea to consult with the mommy-to-be. Before you
send out invitations, sit down with the mom-to-be and ask
her what she would like from this event. What is her idea of
a fun shower and who she would like to attend? Most people
shouldn't be expected to attend several showers for the same
parents, so find out what else is being planned. Let her
know that you want her to feel comfortable and most of all,
to have fun.

What if you are having a surprise shower? Don’t let that
stop you from consulting! Talk to the dad-to-be to get ideas
of a guest list and an appropriate time. You might even want
to consult with other friends to be sure that everything
works out smoothly. Again, consider the mom-to-be when
having a shower. You want her to feel special, have fun, and
be comfortable.

After consulting with the mom-to-be, or others, it is time
to plan!

The Theme of the Day

This is the fun part – deciding what you are going to do and
how you are going to do it! This can also be the
overwhelming part if you have never planned a baby shower
before or if you don’t feel that you are the creative type.
Luckily, you don’t’ have to have experience or creativity to
throw a great baby shower.

Some showers are simply a gathering of family and friends
chatting, mom-to-be opening her gifts, and eating yummy
food. Other showers are more elaborate with special games.
If you are thinking of being more elaborate and having a
theme, here are some great ideas to get you started:

Consider inviting couples instead of just the ladies. You
can play fun games like who can diaper the baby doll the
fastest and make it the men against the women. This shower
is great for first-time-dads and helps them feel a part of
things as the ‘big day’ nears.

Does mom-to-be already have everything she needs for baby,
but you still want to celebrate this special occasion? Why
not throw a Mommy Shower? Instruct guests to bring gifts for
mom herself (bath and beauty products, gift certificates,
etc). You might also consider a “consumable shower” and have
guests bring diapers, wipes, shampoo, and other items that
run out!

A recipe shower is a great idea. Instead of a card, ask
guests to bring their favorite easy-to-make recipes for
mom-to-be to use after the little one arrives. Or go one
better and have the guests bring a dish ready to be frozen
for the mom-to-be for those days when she is just too worn
out to cook!

Here’s a fun shower that will help the guests determine what
to bring as a gift. In the invitations, assign each guest a
random time of day and have them bring an appropriate gift.
For example, blankets for naptime. Or assign each guest a
different room of the house, like the bathroom, and have
them bring an appropriate gift.

Have guests bring something that was a favorite of theirs
from their childhood for the new baby. Books, movies,
security blanket and etc make great gifts with added special

Have a birthday party! Get a birthday cake, streamers, party
hats, and party games! Can you think of a better way to
celebrate a birth?

Once you set a date and make a guest list, and pick your
theme, you will need to choose a location. It is perfectly
fine to have the shower in your own home, but it can be
anywhere with enough space. Depending upon your theme, you
may even choose a restaurant or an out of the way tearoom!

As the Date Nears

Now that the big decisions are over, you can take a deep
breath. You are almost there! As the shower date approaches,
however, you may again feel a bit of stress. Do you have
everything? Have all the details been taken care of? Here is
a great list to help you know the answers to those

Two To Three Weeks Before The Event

· Prepare and mail invitations with directions to event. Be
sure to keep one for the baby book!
· Place order for the cake if ordering from a bakery.
· Choose and purchase decorations and party favors.
· Purchase prizes for games.

One Week Before The Event:

· Determine an accurate guest count.
· Make follow-up calls, if necessary.

One Day Before The Event:

· Purchase food and prepare platters and/or pick up any
special food platters ordered.
· Purchase beverages.
· Make sure camera has film and/or video camera is loaded
and has batteriesHealth Fitness Articles, etc.
· Wrap gifts for game winners and review instructions for
· Clean house and party area.

Day Of The Event:

· Decorate
· Buy any last minute items
· Prepare area for gifts
· Prepare table for the food
· And most importantly – HAVE FUN!

That’s all there is to it! You are now ready to throw a
memory-filled baby shower for a special mom-to-be.

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Claire Bowes is a successful freelance writer and owner of Baby Gifts Unique where you will find further tips on baby showers and baby shower games

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