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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Road Rage... Does It Really Help?

Humorous look at parental temper. During our moments of road rage or any other adult temper-tantrum, remember, our children our learning from us. Is what we are teaching them what we want them to learn? Parents beware! The kids may be learning parent habits.

Open your eyes to the morning glory and hit the floor running. Quickly wake the kids. Get them moving to the restroom. Inspect their outfits. Slop some food on the table and call it breakfast. Sprint to the car. Hook in the seatbelts and throw the car in reverse. And, hope that the world gets out of the way while you race the kids to school and dash to the office. Sound familiar?

What happens when you get the numbskull on the road that drives slow in the fast lane, doesnít bother to use their turn signal, or races to pass you only to slow down when they get in front of you? Oh, you will show them! You might yell profanities, ride their tail too close, send them the universal hand gesture, or worse, really get mad!

True enough, showing our anger feels so much better at that particular moment, but, truthfully, did it make anything better? Did we really get to work any faster/slower? Did we bother to actually speak to the kids while we had a perfect opportunity? Did we notice how beautiful the day was? Did we listen to the music on the radio that speaks to our hearts? Or did we let some inconsiderate driver control our actions and emotions?

No matter how hard we try, at times other drivers will make our blood boil! What we need though is to keep it into perspective. True enough, there are people behind the wheels of vehicles that shouldnít be allowed to ride a tricycle. But, we canít change that. What we can change is how we respond and how it affects us the rest of the day.

Even though during the morning rush it may be laborious, try to display patience when the children are in the car. We certainly donít want them to learn our bad habits. It will be hard enough dealing with the bad habits they will pick up on their own without giving them ours. Even when you are alone, chill! Very rarely is a few extra minutes going to be earth shattering.

When you are on the road and selected drivers have seemed to have left their brains behind, let it roll off of you. Sometimes, just for the pure fun of it, smile knowing you remembered your brain today and how embarrassed that person will be when they realize theirs is still home soaking in the sink with the breakfast dishes.

Because, in reality, we have all been that inconsiderate driver, at one time or another. All outrageously irritating drivers are not horrible people. They are just in their moment of self absorption. Therefore, we can cut them some slack just as we hope they cut us slack when it is our turn.

However, on those rare occasions when we come across a person who is ready to fall off sanity, it is truly in our best interest to leave them alone in their own self-indulged paroxysm of rage.

SoFree Web Content, in the final analysis:

Donít get mad. Donít react. Just let the moment pass. Why let them influence the start of your delightful day?

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Chris Lowrey lives with her husband and children in Madison, Wisconsin. A mother of four sons and two step-children as well as Editor/Author of Family Time Charm, she commits herself to improving the lives of families and children.

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