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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Should I Buy a Cross Cut Shredder or a Strip Cut Paper Shredder

We all know wew should shred our personal documents, bank statements, receipts and so on but its one of those mundane things that we tend to forget about - until that is someone we know gets their identity stolen. So don't wait get a paper shredder and get yourself into a routine. Its not hard and its makes sense.

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Assuming you’ve already been convinced of the value of buying a paper shredder you then need to decide what type of paper shredder to buy. If the paper shredder is for general home use to shred bills, statements and other private correspondence then you’re likely to want something that is affordable but also up to the job

For many people the most important consideration will be the level of security the shredder offers. After all there is no point going to all the trouble of shredding your confidential documents if they are still insecure at the end of it! Cross cut models (these are sometimes also referred to as confetti cut shredders) provide a much more secure cut than strip cut shredders.

Paper that is put through a cross cut shredder is virtually impossible to put back together whereas paper that has gone through a strip cut shredder can be put back together surprisingly easily. There are even software programs available today that can “juggle” scanned pieces from a strip cut shredder and recreate a single page!

Cross cut paper shredders come in different “grades” (security levels) ranging from Level 1 through to Level 6. As you step up through the grades from 1 to 6 the size of the paper left after it has gone through the cross cut shredder gets increasingly smaller. Level 6 cross cuts are used by government departments for shredding the highest level of confidential

As well as security when comparing Strip Cut Shredders to Cross Cuts it’s also worth considering the speed and capacity of the shredder. Strip cut shredders will perform faster so if its speed that you need then the Strip Cut might be the best way to go. On the other hand cross cuts shredders cut the paper into smaller pieces that take up less space and therefore create less waste – the result is that the bins need emptying less.
The motors and blades on Cross Cut shredders take more punishment and therefore need a little more looking after. They can be prone to engine burn out if over used and they do “jam” more than strip cut shredders. Strip cuts don’t work nearly as hard, they don’t create as much paper dust so they’re typically last longer.

From a pricing perspective you will pay more for a cross cut paper shredder than a more simple strip cut shredder. You’re paying for a more sophisticated motor and set of blades and you’re paying a premium for the level of security that Cross Cuts offer.

When choosing a paper shredder base your buying decision on the volume and sensitivity of paper you need to shred, your commitment to maintenance and waste disposalFree Articles, and your budget.

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Steve is part of the team at Secure Living Ltd who amongst other things provide advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of ID theft and on which paper shredders to buy.

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