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Friday, February 21, 2020
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Summertime bugs and creepy crawlies.

Well it is almost that time again. Time to get out the garden tools and start planning your next great garden project. It is also that time of year for all those pesky bugs and crawly critters too! Yo

Well it is almost that time again. Time to get out the garden tools and start planning your next great garden project. It is also that time of year for all those pesky bugs and crawly critters too! You don't have to go on a picnic to discover ants are making themselves a nuisance in your life... and these days; many of us hesitate to use chemicals to get rid of them. Now there is a non-poisonous way to kill ants. I've got a magic formula. Come on, I'll show you. All you need for your magic formula is:

2 parts molasses
1 part sugar
1 part dry yeast

The molasses and sugar attract the ants, and the yeast causes them to swell up and explode. So we'll mix it up, and you'll see how easy it is to take care of those ant problems. Now we're using tablespoons as our parts. If you have a big ant colony, you will want to probably use cup fulls.

That'll really attract them. Add your molasses, sugar, and yeast powder. Then what you do is just mix it up real well. When you get it mixed, you're ready to go outside and go to work against those ants. Now normally this is a formula that attracts sugar ants, so you'd use it inside, but we don't have any ants inside the house. We found some outside here. What you do is just drip a little of this on a card, and then you put it down where the ants will be attracted to it. In this case we're going to go down to the ant bed, and, as you can see, they're already starting to come out here. And once they eat it, the yeast gets inside, it causes them to swell up, and you end up with a whole bunch of dead ants.

Incidentally, if you have fire ants, there's a non-toxic way to get rid of them, and that's to use grits. Just pour the grits over the mound, and when you do that, they will come in and they'll eat the grits and it'll cause them to swell up, and they'll explode too.

Roaches can be a little harder to get rid of. The following formula is a little more aggressive and care must be taken around children, animals, and pets! Mix the following ingredients together for a powdered poison for roaches.

4 Tablespoons Boric acid.
2 Tablespoons flour.
1 Tablespoon cocoa.

Sprinkle the formula near the entrance, where the critters are coming in and let it do its stuff!

Ok. How about them pesky mosquitoes! Here is a good thing for summer, for those who like to enjoy the out of doors, but don't like those pesky critters. Put some water in a white dinner plate and add just a couple of drops of Lemon Fresh Joy dishwashing soap. Set the dish on a porch or patio. Not sure what attracts them, the lemon smell, the white color, or what, but mosquitoes flock to it, and drop dead, or fall into the water, or on the floor within about 10 ft. Works just super! Enjoy a mosquito free summer!

Iím sure that by now you have worked up quite a thirst. I know I have so lets make a Sonic cherry limeade! It is real easy to do. Ingredients:

1 cup Sprite
1/4 cup cherry juice (Libby is good)
2-3 lime wedges (each 1/8 lime)

Pour sprite into a glass over ice. Add the cherry juice. Now add 2-3 lime wedges, squeezing slightly before dropping each one in.

Now would be a good time relax, take a break and look at all the new home and garden decorations, bird housesFeature Articles, and bird feeders we have added at We have a great hammock on sale that is perfect for relaxing in with your ice cold cherry limeaid. Enjoy!

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