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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Why Buy 3 Wheel Electric Scooters?

Three-wheel electric scooters (aka mobility scooter) are the traditional transportation for the elderly. However, these mobility scooters offer surprising versatility compared to other smaller modes of transportation and are quickly making a name for themselves in this eco-friendly world.

I make it a frequent habit to browse forums, blogs, YouTube etc. in search of innovative transportation and technology. It is not until recently that I noticed the plethora of discussions regarding three wheel scooters. Granted, three wheel scooters are not “innovative technology” they have been readily available for decades. Most notably known as “mobility scooters”, these vehicles are normally catered to the handicapped or elder population. However, the three wheel scooter is not necessarily feeble and its goes well beyond its traditional stigma as an "elder" person's transportation.

While mobility scooters maybe geared towards an older population that does not mean they lack performance by any means. Let us take for example your normal two wheel scooter that your kids ride. The two wheel scooters usually weigh around 35-70 lbs compared to the 3 wheel electric scooters beefy 250 lbs. However, the speeds are nearly identical at 15 mph. That’s right, little Joey’s two wheel scooter is just as fast as his grandparents' 3 wheel electric scooters.

Not to worry, it gets worse. Mobility scooters offer better stabilization (sit down with three wheels), much more cargo space, longer range, and in most cases an extended warranty. Considering its purpose, the mobility scooters are designed to be as slim as possible in order to squeeze into doorways. There is one more benefit that is often overlooked, versatility. Ride your two wheel scooter in a mall or grocery store and see how long it takes till security catches you. On 3 3 wheel electric scootersno one will look twice. The general population has not only accepted the presence of mobility scooters in buildings but encourage the practice. So you are considering a 3 wheel electric scooters for whatever purpose, what is a promising choice?

The trade off to all this fine luxury is weight. Three wheel scooters are heavy which reduces its convenience to simply store it. If you are planning a trip you will need a truck or a lift. If you decide to purchase a cheaper scooter you often sacrifice range and some amenities. Some units allow more freedom by offering more range and speed, around 15 miles per hour. This allows the rider to travel much longer distances, to perhaps the grocery store, without packing the scooter into a transport vehicle. These units cost more but the freedom often makes up for the increase in cost. So you are considering a three wheel scooter for whatever purpose, which one is a promising choice?

It depends on what you’re looking for in the scooter. There are numerous companies that offer a multitude of choices ranging in size and colors. A good portion of people looking to buy mobility scooters are elderly or handicapped in some way that compromises physical motor function. More expensive units, costing well over a couple of grand, come with finer amenities like leather, seat belts, LCD displays etc. However, some manufacturer's like X-Treme offer an affordable version of the mobility scooter, the XB-420M. These three wheel scooters have excellent stability but lack luxuries like on-board screen displays. They come with a seat, basket and three wheels that keep the cost down but offer an immense range, 30 milesComputer Technology Articles, and speed.

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