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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Auto Insurance: A Guide for Beginners

Based on the provisions of the law, having or driving a car goes with some responsibilities. "Responsibility" here translates to owners and drivers not endangering their lives and those of other road users thereby avoiding financial losses caused by violation of traffic laws and road accidents.

In an event where a driver's recklessness result in the destruction of lives and properties, the driver who is faulty must be made to pay for medical expenses as well as the cost of replacement or repairs of damaged properties; this is why the law demands that everyone owns a vehicle insurance policy. The cost of the coverage is determined by various factors which include the brand and model of the car, owners address, and the particular type of coverage as well as deductibles.


Compulsory Coverage

Most states make it mandatory that every policyholder must get a Liability Coverage. It is made up of two types of financial obligation which are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: This is a form of financial coverage for the faulty policyholder provided by the insurance company. The compensation is in the form of finance for medical expenses after an accident .it is for the benefit of those who had injuries as a result of the accident which was caused by the insurance policyholder.
  • Property Damage liability: this is similar to the bodily injury, but in this case the financial obligation is a compensation for damage to property.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): In some states, it is mandatory that insurance policyholder acquires PIP which makes the Bodily Injury Liability irrelevant. PIP is referred to the assistance in financial terms, due to the insured for his medical expenses, never minding the party that was faulty.


Coverage Limit

The limitation for insurance coverage varies from state to state. Well, the good news is that many insurance companies have got the certification to offer and underwrite insurance policies in different states; this makes each insurance policyholder purchase a policy that is in agreement with the rules and regulations. Loya Insurance Company offers services in more than 15 states, ensuring the clients have access to their desired protection without giving a thought about the availability of the special coverage in their locality. The laws regulate the services of the insurance agencies across the states. Amazingly, Loya Insurance Company has well over 700 branches in Ohio, Georgia, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Indiana, New Mexico, Colorado, California, and Nevada.



A deductible is the sum of money that the insured are ready to pay before the inception of the policy. When deductibles are higher, the monthly premium is reduced, while the lower deductibles ensure that policyholders do not spend so much on car repairs. At Loya Insurance, it allows for subscribers to select between the various deductibles, one which works best for them based on their financial capability for an alternative coverage like comprehensive and collision.


Car Specifications

Sports, collectible, classic and luxury cars are very expensive when it comes to taking a coverage this is as a result of the expensive nature of their repairs. Insuring a new vehicle can be either cheap or costly, this, however, depends on the features of the vehicle in question, especially the safety features. Coverage for the insured's car is, however, optional.

Loya Insurance Company does not make it compulsory for you to acquire the non-mandatory policy. The options of either selecting a primary coverage or a full insurance policy with some added protection is opened to everyone to choose freely from. We at Loya Insurance Company provide standard liability policy is not considering the history of the driver. To get a good insurance package which is also affordable, you may need to consult an agent. These professional agents will tell you if the insurance coverage has all the needed protection or does not cover the necessary protections. Loya Insurance makes it possible for clients to communicate efficiently with us through emails and phones which guide customers to making the most benefiting choice based on their needs and information. Our local branch offices assist both the clients and potential clients in consulting us directly on related issues.


Driving History

Traffic regulation violations are key variables in determining the approval of applications and price. A lot of insurance companies refer to past infractions in determining if the applicant is bound to make similar mistakes; this may lead to denial of approval of the application.

But at Loya Insurance, every applicant can secure coverage regardless of previous driving records; past records are not considered


Optional Coverage

Among other optional coverage, Comprehensive and Collision are mostly applied for. Collision coverage protects the insured's car in the event where it is involved in an accident and needs some body work or repairs. When an accident results in damages, the collision coverage compensates the policyholder.

Same principles apply to the comprehensive coverage. However, full coverage is applicable where the damages are caused by non-accident occurrences like theft, burglary, vandalism, natural disaster, falling objects, and animals. Both options are available at Loya insurance company, and we offer favorable options for deductibles.


After Cancellation of Policy

An insurance company reserves the right to decline a policy on grounds of massive infarction, recurrent DUI among others. After such cancellation, it may not be easy to get another insurance firm who will willingly offer coverage for the same risk, this is a whole different ball-game with Loya Insurance Company, in the process of approving applications; past records are not considered. You can obtain free quote online to know how much you may spend to acquire coverage. Our Quote Request forms are available for all to access in Loya Insurance Company's website.


Local Insurance

Another unique feature of Loya Insurance Company is its broad reach and accessibility. We have branches spread across different states around the country. The offices are mostly sited in strategic public places like department stores, grocery stores, commercial buildings and street corners; this gives clients access to a one-on-one consultation with the agents for enquiries. Because of the local operations, we have a better understanding of the community and the likely risks in the environmentComputer Technology Articles, which makes us able to reconcile the policies with the local conditions. 

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Since the agents are in the same community with the clients, claims are easily and quickly filled.

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