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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Build Credit Score Fastest and Easiest While Enjoying Numerous Benefits

Compared to the traditional methods, to boost your credit score, which are typically time-consuming and extremely intense, becoming an AU or authorized user on someone else’s credit line ( major...

Compared to the traditional methods, to boost your credit score, which are typically time-consuming and extremely intense, becoming an AU or authorized user on someone else’s credit line ( majorly a credit card) account has emerged as one of the most preferred ways to build credit in the easiest and quickest way. Contextually, it’s significant to note that while choosing the primary credit card holder to which you’ve chosen for adding you as an authorized user, never make mistake to ensure that the primary cardholder has a long record of paying dues against his/her credit card on time and successfully maintained a steady credit score with solid credit background.

Popularly, known as piggybacking, according to the survey organized by Federal Reserve Board, it’s above 33% of Americans have had one of more authorizer users added to their credit card or line of credit. While, most of such add-ons are limited in family and friends circle (due to reliability) as parents allow their sons or daughters to piggyback or spouses piggyback each other and so on, for those who don’t have such a close buddy or relative willing to add them as an AU to their credit cards, finding someone like this tends to be quite challenging.

Correct! ………..Well, it’s not a fact!

Just don’t sweat, since brilliant ways are out there prepared to add you to their line of credit? Precisely, that’s why a growing number of tradeline companies are coming up to offer their valued clients the one and only opportunity to invest in tradelines to build a credit score without any hassle. In order to buy tradelines of these strangers, all you have to do is to pay some bucks to the companies as service fee while you need to research well before choosing the vendors specializing in high-profile tradelines only.

What is an Authorized User and How it Works?

Once you consider adding you as an authorized user on somebody else’s credit card(s) with attractive credit background and high with credit score, you will get a replica of the original card details on your credit statement. As soon you are added to one or more of these credit cards, instantly you own the credit record and the score of that particular card(s) which typically help build your credit score without having any hassle or counting waiting period while fixing your poor or bad credit score.

Benefits of Becoming an Authorized User

1.  Even with a bad/poor or no credit score, simply by adding you being an AU to tradelines ( someone else’s line of credit/typically a credit card) having high credit score with continual credit background, you can inherit the same, that helps uncover many scopes that you’re disposed of.

2.  You’re not supposed or obligated to pay for the debts of the card to which you've added to. As becoming an authorized user don’t permit you to employ the card, equally, you don’t have to worry to make any payment against its debts. However, by having a high credit score, you can obviously apply for having a new card of your own and enjoy plenty of benefits from low interest on loans to fast approval of the loan, etc.

3.  You enjoy the freedom to cut-off you as an AU from the primary cardholder any time you wish. Specifically due to failing of the due payments before the schedule by the principal cardholder that damages your own credit score, simply request the intermediate tradeline company to separate you from that account in no time.

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