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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Make It Yourself - Eight Reasons You Should Make Your Own Soaps, Bath Salts and Home Cleaners

Wondering why you should make your own soaps, bath salts and home cleaning products?† Here are eight great reasons you should be making your own all natural products from scratch.

The time it takes to make your own soaps, bath salts and home cleaning products may seem like a lot of work when the grocery store is only down the street Ė or in my case, just 20 minutes away.† So why should we take the time to do it ourselves?

Actually, there are eight great reasons you should be making these wonderful, all natural products from scratch:

1. The Cost

When you buy a product from the store, you are not only paying for the ingredients, you are also paying for the labeling, advertising, and shipping costs.† Make it yourself, and you have a better quality product for a fraction of the cost.

2.† Itís Safer and Healthier

When manufacturers make cleaning products, they are making items that must be able to sit on the shelves of your supermarket for months, sometimes years.† Think lots of preservatives and chemicals, many of which are toxic.† The products you mix together at home are made of natural ingredients, usually items such as pure soap, vinegar and salt that wonít give off harmful fumes or pose a risk to your children.

3.† Better For The Environment

Using all natural ingredients in your home cleaners, bath salts and shower gels means less toxic chemicals going down the drain and eventually ending up in our water system.

4.† Greater Security

There is always the possibility of a potential disaster, either natural or economic.† A time may come when you might not have access to a nearby grocery store.† Knowing how to get clean in a pinch is useful knowledge that gives you a secure feeling.

5.† They Make Great Gifts

Deliciously scented, handmade soaps and bath salts are usually much better quality than what you can find in the store, and they make excellent gifts.† Think huge savings when Christmas time rolls around.† Better still, you can make your soaps, bath salts and shower gels months before the holidays and be prepared.† No standing in lines at the mall in December!

6.† Potential Home Business

Make your wonderfully scented bath products and then take them on the road Ė to county fairs and farmerís markets.† Better still, sell them online.† Itís a fun way to earn a part-time income.

7.† Teaching Opportunity

You probably wonít want to make lye soap with your children, but you could certainly make melt and pour glycerin soaps or mix bath salts with your kids.† Theyíll have a blast, and you can throw in a lesson about chemistry.

8.† Tremendous Satisfaction

Making things yourself is a great way to get back to basics.† Itís tremendously satisfying knowing you donít have to run to the store and that you can make a fabulous product youíre proud of.

So try a few recipes.† Trust mePsychology Articles, youíll get hooked and never want to browse the cleaning aisle of your supermarket again!

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Sue Merriam lives on five acres with her husband, three children, five goats and 30 chickens.† She and her husband have been pursuing the self reliant lifestyle since 1992 and are now completely debt free with no mortgage and no car payments.† She is author of the website Organic Gardening and Homesteading, offering tips on homesteading, organic gardening and frugal living.† Visit her website at

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