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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Money, Money, Money.

Money. Why is it so hard to come by? How can we make more? Are their real solutions to lack of finances and easier ways for a 'small fry' to get onto the ladder. This article looks at attitudes towards money and making more of it with suggestion on where to look for more advice.

As a young(ish) person living in London it can be hard to make ends meet, let alone socialise or plan to make large purchases (such as homes or cars) in this, one of the world’s most expensive cities. We are currently ranked the 25th most expensive city in the world and although down from 18th place last year London can still command some of the highest rents and motoring related costs in the world. Brits are typically not leaving home till an average age of 26 with first time home buyer’s average age increasing to 38.

So with many of us in the same boat and lacking the cash for the things we want, need and indeed in our youthful optimism presumed you would already have by now, how can we make more money and if it is so easy what is stopping us?

There are a plenty of ways to make more money. You could find a hobby that you can make money from like photography, knitting, carpentry. You could clear out your old clutter and collect unwanted goods from friends and family and start having boot sales. You could fill in surveys online, or start a blog or website and try to make your fortune using Google AdSense. 

The problem with these and the like are that they are either too time consuming or they don’t generate enough income to make them worth the effort put in. So what else could you do?

A real solution can be found in the word investing. Now I know the very word will fill some of you with fear. It's too complicated to understand, too complex to know where to begin, not to mention isn't investing only for those who have money to spare?

I’m here to tell you that you are missing out on some wonderful opportunities if this is your attitude towards it. There are many investment opportunities that start from as little as a few dollars/pounds and can start yielding profits within a matter of months. Not all risks mean throwing your money away, and if you are guaranteed a return, no matter how small, it is very much worth the low risk price of a few dollars. 

These will certainly get you started on your road to a higher income; however you must possess qualities that will allow you to succeed such as perseverance. You must put aside your fears of the unknown and allow yourself to take some slightly bigger risks than you may have taken previously. You must be dedicated to making an extra income, willing to do the reading of all the fine print and you have to be bold, challenging your own ideas about what you are able to do and the future possibilities that are available to you. I say all this because many of the people, who want more money, often sit around wondering why they don’t have any (or worse still complaining that they don’t have any). It is only by changing your attitude towards your earning potential and what is necessary to change your current circumstances that you will truly be able to make any difference in your life. Complaining, fear and excuses will not change your life. Innovation, bravery, acceptance and action will. So put your money where your mouth is and get on board with the adage “You have to spend money to make money” as no where in that does it say you have to spend ‘a lot’ of money to make money, but you do have to start.

My goldmine of information is currently coming from new blog by a chap called Brian Wilson. He is a young entrepreneur who is giving out information on low cost investments that he himself has tried and tested. I hear future posts are also to include warnings and advice on how to avoid scamsFree Reprint Articles, naming and shaming those who he feels are not morally decent or down right illegal. 
Best of luck fortune hunters.

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Leah James is a full time Professional Freelance Writer and E-Marketer. She is also an aspiring novelist, a liver of life and a lover of humour and humanity. She is striving for a better life through understanding, caring, sharing and some honest hard work.
You can find Brian Wilson's blog at .

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