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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Mortgage Broker Strategies 101: Back to Basics

Going back to basics. Many Mortgage Brokers have struggled wondering why they can't their name out there and make it stick. It's necessary from time to time to humble ourselves and return to the basics and re-familiarize ourselves with the most basic Mortgage Broker strategies.

Mortgage Broker strategies are important as you very well know, but have you considered all the marketing you can do on a day to day basis. This is not the type of marketing where you put an ad in the paper or hire a call center. These are the little things you can do to make sure that your mortgage business continues to grow. These are the things that cost very little but are huge in terms of keeping business as well as high customer satisfaction.

First Tip

Whether you are sending out a letter, a card, or even an ad for the paper, make sure you use effective writing techniques. First among these is to make sure that you have a headline on everything you do. Whether people realize it or not, the headline grabs the reader. Once they see a headline, they are way more likely to read the rest of the piece of text. Always make sure that the headline has a benefit in it so that your client has a reason to keep reading.

Second Tip

Keep writing! For many people, the thank you note has raised their income by large percentages. Every person, customer or friend, loves to show appreciation. They like to know that you are happy for them and that you realize what they have done for you. When you thank them you are connecting with them and helping to cement a future relationship.

If you make it a point to write thank you notes every day, you can really help your return business. Thank people who didn't even work with you on a mortgage. You can thank those who did something for you: your mechanic, mailman, or even the teacher your kid has at school. Whatever you do, just make sure you send those thank you notes. It will definitely pay off for you.

Third Tip

Be a braggart. When you do something for a client, make sure you tell them. You want to make yourself valuable to the client for a couple of reasons: so that he or she understands why you are getting paid, and so that he or she would refer you to someone else in the future. This can be very valuable down the road. Even though bragging seems harsh normally, so be humble and just point out the things you accomplished because in business you want to be valued.

Fourth Tip

This is a strange one for many, but make sure that if you have a phone person, that he or she always suggests that you are with a client. If he or she says "I'm sorry but he is working with a customer right now, give me one second to see if he can take a call right now".

This allows you to look busy and confirms that you are worth the effort to work with. It also gives you an out if you don't want to talk with a certain person for one reason or another.

Last Tip

Though there is an unlimited amount of advice that could be given about mortgage marketing techniques, there are some that are certainly more important. One of those is this: never stop marketing. Even if you are the best mortgage broker that ever walked the planet, if you cannot market then it won't matter. Nobody will know you are great, you will have no business to close, and you will not make any money.

Above everything else, mortgage is about getting clients in your door. The rest is just paperwork and learning the ropes of the loan biz. With that in mind, there is one other thing you should consider:

Form realtor partnerships whenever you can. If you can find a program that will help you hook up with realtors the right way, you should jump on it. By giving yourself that extra advantage, you are enabling your business to grow without making yourself do more work.

With a partnership with the right realtor, you may find yourself with a large number of renters turned buyers on your desk each day. What a great way to run the mortgage business huh?

So no matter what you do, implement a new marketing tip each day. Try to send out thank you notes, thank people in person, look for times to brag about your self, and even try to keep marketing. Above all, find ways to form those partnerships. Getting hooked up with a realtor and with changing renters into buyersFind Article, you will grow your business faster than you ever imagined.

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Shane Brooks is a hard nosed business man that doesn't take kindly to competition. His hard hitting no nonsense marketing techniques constantly makes waves for his competitors regardless of the market he is focusing on. Shane doesn't mind stepping on the toes of his competitors or ruffeling a a few feathers of the so-called gurus in order to level the playing field. Click here for more Mortgage Broker strategies.

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