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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Real Life Facts About Credit Repair

It turns out that credit repair is a necessity. Neither the credit bureaus nor the laws that govern them will resolve your problems. It is up to you!

Waiting Does Not Work

Credit repair can make a major difference. More to the point, the alternative path of waiting and hoping that time will cure your credit headache is downright wrong. Time will not resolve your credit issues. Without some form of proactive credit repair you will find that the derogatory information on your credit reports will stick with you, often long after the official reporting period limit has expired. And to add insult to injury errors tend to spawn new errors and your problems may very well grow with time. Ouch.

The Real World Facts

This may be shocking to some, but welcome to the real world. The credit reporting system is not perfect, far from it. In truth, a thoughtful reading of the Fair Credit Reporting Act will reveal that the spirit of the Act, although certainly exhibiting compassion towards the wronged consumer, offers just as much consideration to the credit bureaus. And hence the need for credit repair arises.

A Shortfall of Accuracy

Again, are you surprised? Here is some insight that will illumine your understanding of the systemic need for credit repair. Regulatory legislation must be, by necessity, at least in a free market economy, even handed. The viability of the corporation must not be threatened. And this is as is should be. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a safeguard against abuse that would, without a doubt, take the form of complete consumer neglect. It is not meant to enforce perfect accuracy on the part of the credit bureaus. In our world Big Brother will only go so far. Credit repair bridges the gap.

The Reasonableness Factor

Look carefully at the Act and the companion Staff Opinion Letters. You will soon notice the underlying theme of reasonableness of enforcement. None of the regulations incorporated into the Act are meant to be absolutes. They are consistently meant to be enforced to a degree of reasonableness, which is overtly defined as that which will not put undue economic strain on the health and wellbeing of the business. Yes, you read that right! The credit bureaus are expected to comply with the law only to the extent that it will not threaten their viability.

Time For Self Care

Do not be discouraged! We do not need the government to do everything for us. And what makes you think that that would be a good thing anyway. The last time I checked government entities were still the least efficient organizations in the world. Anyhow, as I said credit repair bridges the gap. And so be it. Personally I like the idea of monitoring my own credit. I am not a hard core control freak, but credit is really important and I propose that those with the greatest vested interest should always keep an eye on their assets. And so the desirability and even necessity of credit repair is not so much an onerous task, but a reasonable chore of self-care.

Managing Your Credit Repair

Credit repair should be done on a somewhat regular basis. Think of it as a maintenance plan, or an annual exam, much as you would plan for with your doctor. If you have not undertaken the task of credit repair before, or if you have significant issues, the job may require some endurance. But once you have learned the ropes you will find that credit repair can be done fairly efficiently. You can get your credit reports one time per year for free, but you will find that these free reports are somewhat cumbersome for your credit repair project. I suggest that you invest the small amount needed to obtain a nice ergonomically designed tri-merged report. It will save you the headache of translating the jumble that you will encounter with the free individual reports. Who needs the headaches?

Or Employ A Professional

You may opt for self-examination, or you may decide, as millions of others have, that it is worth bringing a professional into the picture. You can employ a credit repair service to do this job for you for very little money. If you do not relish the idea of sweating through the job of proofreading your reports, do not bother. Just avoid the steep part of the learning curve and hire an expert. However you decide to do it, it must be done. Your credit life depends on it, and no oneArticle Search, even the government will do it for you!

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Ed White is a credit repair expert and financial consultant. In addition to his own private practice he consults for one of the nation’s leading credit repair services. Ed is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has a degree in economics.

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