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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Secret To Creating Wealth

The secret to creating wealth is that there is no secret. Or, if there is a secret, it was 'out' as soon as people started using the Internet. It isn't hard to find the secrets that have generated wea...

The secret to creating wealth is that there is no secret. Or, if there is a secret, it was 'out' as soon as people started using the Internet. It isn't hard to find the secrets that have generated wealth for generations, in all cultures, and all countries.

The first secret is to remember that money is not a measure of wealth. Money is only the measure of who is winning the game. That is easy to say if you have it. For most work at home business owners, money is the defining element between enjoying life and struggling to pay bills.

Secret One: Motivation

The basic step is to realize that desire creates ambition, and ambition creates action. It is the action that generates cash - sometimes. People need to work smart, not hard. That means that they must learn how to determine which wealth generating strategy will work in your situation.

There is no 'one method fits all.' That is why most of the gurus teaching people how to generate wealth will offer several different strategies and then teach people how to use them.

Step Two: Time Management

There is no science to generating wealth. A person just needs to spend their time generating income. However, most 'work at home' professionals spend their day doing everything but generating income. It is easy to believe that people must spend 30 hours a week in the forums building links.

Link building is important, but it isn't income generating. If you sat 100 work at home business owners down, divided between those who earn $1m a year and those who earn $5 a month, you'd find some startling differences.

First, those who earn more spend more time generating income. Second, those who earn more have spent more time learning the secrets to generating wealth.

The third is the most important. People who generate wealth do not have a 'turn off' time of the night. They do not spend their leisure time watching television. Sometimes they habitually become work-a-holics and neglect life and family to generate wealth, but many are able to create a balance.

Leisure time is a working class myth, that keeps people down.

Step Three: Cash Management

I once walked through a rich person's house. They had furniture that belonged to their parents. I asked them if they were going to sell an old car they didn't want. Their reply was 'We can't - It belongs to the estate.' This story had a major impact on me.

Wealthy people do not remove money from the business to live on. The business is considered a self sustaining entity. When it profits, the business owner draws a wage. They also consider personal purchases as part of their assets - part of the estate.

The estate doesn't need 'toys' and leisure items that will be out of date in a few years. Each purchase is carefully managed.

The wealthy keep their personal money, business money, and estate/assets separate. The estate is never touched.

Law of Attraction

The secret of wealth generation is the same as the law of attraction. If you see something that you want bad enough to get it, then you will. This secret is as old as society. In today's society, this law was replaced by complacency and the expectancy that someone will give us hand outs.

The 'believe - achieve - receive' has been around for a millennium. If you believe that your program works, and you work until you reach your goals, then you will receive the rewards. But - do not ask for a hand out.

That is why people will make money when investing in gold, or houses, but not in Google. Gold investing means buying into something that you believe, learning about gold so you know when to sell, and then receiving the profits.

Now, let's take a look at Google and other Affiliate programs. A person may believe that they can make money from Google. But, what is there to believe in? There must be an action. That is why the Made For AdSense pre-made websites do not follow the wealth generating rules - the belief does not force an action - so there is no reward given, or very little reward.


The last element is to set goals. If you do not know what you want to receive, how can you ask for it? You will ask too little. Ask the wrong people. And in the endFree Web Content, receive far less than you hoped for. Creating wealth is simply the matter of understanding a few basic behaviors and sticking to them until it is time to receive.

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