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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Brewbot or Brew Bot - What Name Is Best?

If you want a means to easily brew a single cup of your favorite beverage without the mess you can do no better than choose one of the Tassimo Brewbot range.
Either way, short of having your own barrista in the kitchen making a single cup of freshly brewed coffee with a Tassimo T Disc could not be more simple.
A good cup every time.

Brew Bot or Brewbot?
Sometimes it is Brew Bot and other times it is Brewbot but either way many of you well have heard of the Tassimo single serve beverage machine, as it is called by Bosch.

After all sometimes it is just a matter of spelling or pronunciation that's all. No matter what way you spell or say it you will still come to the same conclusion - that it is the Tassimo Coffee Maker that is being referred to.

Maybe you even own one. And have been happily brewing a single cup of your preferred beverage (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) for many months now. If not, them maybe you became aware of it because of the Tassimo Brewbot robot that sprang to life on your television in a commercial advertising campaign towards the end of 2010.

The catch line being 
    "The Tassimo Brewbot - Seven Different Beverages - One Smart Little Bot"

The Advertisment   
This presented a clever little Brewbot robot performing all manner of coffee brewing tasks - seven different beverages to be exact. Some folk may even have thought that the Tassimo Brew Bot was actually able to do these things. Sorry to disappoint - the reality is a little different. While the Tassimo Brewbot is clever it is not clever enough to move around.

Even though it is good looking and makes a better than average cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate your Tassimo Brew Bot should remain firmly seated on your kitchen bench. Or where ever else you choose to place it. (If moves while you are not looking you best check out that commercial again!!)

Seven Different Beverages
What we can say though is that your Tassimo Coffee Maker is a really great solution for making seven different beverage, all from the one machine. This is what distinguishes it from its competitors because they are generally single serve coffee machines.

Single serve means that you can make a cup of your favorite beverage one cup at a time. Not a whole pot of coffee or tea, just enough to fill your cup or mug as you choose. There is also the added advantage of being able to make a cup of tea first and then immediately afterwards a mug of coffee. No mess or fiddle and all generally in under a minute per cup. Could you do better than that?

Clever Technology
What also gives the Brew Bot its edge is its clever bar code reader function. The bar code reader senses the bar coded T Disc enabling the Tassimo Brewbot to determine what functions it has to perform to make that perfect cup. The bar coded T discs, or 'pods' as they are sometimes colloquially called, contain just the right mix of ingredients for your chosen beverage. And this is the key to being able to make seven different beverages when the 'pod' that is placed facedown in the holder in the top of the unit.

The bar code identifies the type of drink being made. Which in turn sets other factors such as brew time, water quantity, water temperature and any special requirements such as special second T disc for frothing or creaming.

Tassimo T Discs Set It Apart
The Tassimo T Disc range provides you with a selection of Brew Bot beverages to enjoy. There are a number of coffee blends available such as GevaliaArticle Search, Maxwell House and Kenco as well as tea and hot chocolate options such as Twinings and Suchards.

One disappoint for some coffee drinking folk is the withdrawal of both Starbucks'and Seattle's Best from the Tassimo T Disc range. Some of these two varieties may still be available but the supply will be diminishing.

But it is this range and variety of Tassimo T Discs that really makes the Tassimo Brew Bot different. In fact some of the more 'exotic' options such as Latte or Cappuccino involve the use of a second T-Disc for the milk creamer.

Other machines can brew your coffee the Tassimo Brewbot does that and more.

A Convenient Solution
Before the arrival of single serve machines such as the Tassimo Brewbot options for preparing a single cup of your favorite drink were there a bit hit and miss.

Tea - you had teabags but they can drip and are a bit of a fiddle.

Coffee - you could use the long standing instant coffee option a spoon at a time. Quick but certainly not as good as freshly brewed. Alternatively you could have a coffee pot on the stove - but its life is limited. After it has stewed for a couple of hours it turns bitter and looses that fresh brewed taste.

Hot chocolate - you generally had to heat milk to get the best result. Hot chocolate made on water just does not make the grade.

Simple To Operate
Operation of the Tassimo Brew Bot could not be a more simple.

With the machine at the ready (water in the tank and switched on) select your desired Tassimo T Disc

Place the T Disc in the holder face down and close the lid.

Press Start. (Make sure you have your cup or mug under the drink outlet spout!!)


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Semi-retired male who has been an avid coffee drinker his whole life. While I am not a connoisseur it certainly makes a difference when the coffee is well made.

If you want a means to easily brew a single fresh cup of your favorite beverage without the mess why not try a Tassimo Brewbot - a good cup every time.

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