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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Replacing white with low carb bread, whole wheat pasta and wild rice

As a color white is fresh, crisp, clean and light. When it comes to some foods, though, it looses its lightness turning into device for adding unnecessary pounds. Since nobody likes extra weight, w...

As a color white is fresh, crisp, clean and light. When it comes to some foods, though, it looses its lightness turning into device for adding unnecessary pounds. Since nobody likes extra weight, white is best left for clothes and walls, so itís about time you learned to replace some white foods with their healthy alternatives and ten youíll look great in all those white clothes.

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to white foods is white bread. It does have flavor but it doesnít really have any nutritional value, and it fills you up for just a short time, making you eat more overall, and that equals adding pounds. Itís about time you crossed white bread off your menu and replaced it with whole wheat, rye or low carb bread. But remember that just because you choose darker bread doesnít mean itís healthier, so take a look at the ingredients and dates, choosing bread with the least amount of preservatives, one that has to be eaten in a shorter time and is not too light and fluffy.

Another white culprit in the kitchen is pasta. Whether itís long, thin angel hair, short, twisted fusilli, mac and cheese favorite elbows or sheets of lasagne, most people reach for classic white pasta when shopping without ever thinking that itís made with bleached, worthless flour. When you cook it and mix with your sauce, the kids wonít complain that the pasta is darker or that it tastes strange, because they wonít notice it, so the next time you plan a pasta dish, shop for whole wheat, dark brown variety that provides some nutritional benefits. Be weary of colorful pastas, like green or red, as most often they are your regular white variety treated with a bit of food coloring, which despite their healthy color still renders them nutritionally worthless.

Chances are that right next to your white pasta there is some white rice in your pantry. In general rice is considered to be healthy, but the white kind you most likely use does nothing for you. Switch to brown or wild rice when making your risotto or casserole, though, and youíll be including a nice amount of dietary fiber in you meal. It might take some time getting used to non-white rice, but itís an easy transition and in no time youíll start appreciating the flavor on top of any health benefits.

Switching from white to low carb bread, from regular to whole wheat pasta or from white rice to the wild variety when you eat at home is just a matter of making the decision to switch and shopping accordingly. When you eat out, however, it can be a bit tricky. You can still stick to your white excluding decision, you just have to be assertive and determined. When ordering a sandwich, ask what bread choices you have and opt for one that is not white; when going for pasta, get a small portion and if whole wheat is not available, at east be sure to order a dish that has plenty of vegetables and no creamy, heavy sauce; and as for white rice, unless itís an integral part of your dishPsychology Articles, simply skip it or replace it with a side that is better for you.† †††

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I am a dietician and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast I write publications about healthy products like this diabetic friendly low carb bread.†

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