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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Carpet Glue Removal Tips

Carpets certainly add an accent to the home decor. Carpets are very trendy and they are available in a variety of designs as well. When it is necessary to remove the carpets, especially the glued carpets, the scene behind the carpet is not so pretty. If the carpets are glued to the floor or the concrete walls, they really get very stubborn at times.

There are many glue removing techniques and solvents available in the home improvement stores that can make removing carpet glue, a relatively easy job. The basic thing to learn is how to remove carpet very carefully from the floor, which will leave the minimum scope for the glue remnants. If you are still confused, you don't have to worry as I am here with the easy guide on how to remove carpet glue, the DIY way.

How to Remove Carpet Glue from Concrete?
Make sure you have kept all the doors and windows open in order to create chemical safety zone in the house. Use the vacuum to clean the flooring with the help of its flat floor attachment. Read all the instructions from the chemical bottle to get an idea of the mixing ratio that is required to remove carpet glue.

Materials Needed to Remove Carpet Glue
  • Dry or wet vacuum
  • Robber gloves
  • Respirator to avoid fumes
  • A bucket (5 gallons)
  • Pump sprayer
  • Floor glue stripper
  • Floor scraper
  • Towel and a mop

Procedure to Remove Carpet Glue

  • After cleaning the floor with the vacuum, use the pump sprayer to apply the floor glue stripper. Fill the floor glue stripper solution in the pump sprayer (read the instructions before doing so) and then pour the solution on the floor.
  • Follow all the directions and the time limits that are required for the soaking time of the solution on the carpet glue. After that begin with the glue scraping process.
  • Start with the glue scrapping process by using the floor scraper. Make sure you make steady and straight motions of the floor scrapper. Soon you will see the stalks of the glue at the end of the floor scraper.

Repeat the procedure of removing the carpet glue until you get the desired results. After the glue removal process is finished, make sure you mop clean the floor with clean water. Again finish the whole process of removing carpet glue from the floor by using the vacuum.

Tips to Remove Carpet Glue

  • While removing carpet glue, make sure you are equipped with all the safety guards that are required when working with chemicals. Safety glasses and hand-gloves must be used.
  • One can also think to remove carpet glue by using water force of around 120 psi or detergent, boiling water, alcohol and such things. Material used for the removal of carpet glue vary according to the thickness of the glue.
  • There are several non-toxic chemicals available for carpet glue removal, that make the task eco-friendly as well.
  • Before you remove the carpet glue, make sure you have removed all the remnants of the carpet from the floor or the concrete with the help of the floor scraper.
  • Use the best of the adhesive removers to remove carpet glue. These are normally solvent based and some of them are highly flammable. So make sure you take all the safety measures or switch to other regular glue removing techniques.

This was all about how to remove carpet glue from concrete. Using the best suitable method for removing carpet glue yields the best results.

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