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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Faster and Better Way to Do Pest Control at Home Against Fire Ants

When it comes to insect pests, fire ants would probably top everyone's list! Fire ant colonies can migrate into homes and other structures in search of food, water, and nesting sites, especially during periods of extreme outdoor heat, drought, or flooding rains.They can enter through any cracks and crevices.

Fire ants are no doubt a major pest throughout. They reproduce quickly, their stings hurt, their nests are unsightly and many times they strike with no indication for concern. If you need to treat a fire ant problem in your yard or home, this article will explain all you need to know so that you can successfully get rid of fire ants for good.

There are several methods to kill fire ants, some take a few hours, others a few weeks or months. The most important thing to remember when dealing with fireants is to be patient. And make sure you treat or remove all the mounds because if you miss even one young mound, they'll win. Re-infestation will occur in less than a year.

Fire ant control can be time consuming and costly. But, hey, this is war! If you have one mound, chances are good that there are others in the area. They have tunneled underground and popped up where you see them. This makes it difficult to get rid of them because you must kill the queen. Getting to the queen can be hard.

Although we want to kill the fire ants as quickly as possible, it is better to be patient and use a product without a lot of poison in it. Remember, you must kill the queen. Fire ants pass along bits of chewed up food to each other until it reaches the queen. If they detect anything unusual in the food, they will not pass it along and it will never get to the queen. If you try to poison them quickly, it will look like you've been successful, but you've only put a temporary dent in the population unless the queen is gone.

Read on for the information we have for a fire ant killer.

First, a Word on the Environment

Although it is commonly said that all is fair in love and war, we want to promote environmentally friendly actions. For an example of the issues which go along with fire ant control, please read the side note to the right.

Only Attack the Fire Ants

You want to be very careful to kill only the fire ants and not all of the ants or you will have a far worse fire ant problem in the near future. The indigenous ants are effective at slowing down the spread of the fire ant populations, first simply by their entrenched position, but secondly by reducing food supply. Please take the time to be sure that you are attacking ONLY the fire ants.

Avoid Commercial Baits When Possible

Many fire ant bait products affect other ants as well as birds and other creatures. Please be aware of this limitation and only use baits when other solutions do not exist. The good news is that there are, or soon will be, some new baits on the market which only affect fireants and not other species.

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