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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Good Method and Reliable Steps of Complete Destruction for Thorough Flea Control

To assist your pest management professional and ensure the fastest flea control, outside it is necessary to mow your yard and remove all weeds, grass clippings, leaf piles, and other debris to disturb the flea habitat.

Adult fleas spend most of their time on the animal, so your pet must be treated as well as your home and yard. To control fleas, a three-step program is needed.  First the pets are all treated.  Second the home's interior, particularly furniture, carpet, and pets' bedding is treated.  Third, the outside perimeter, particularly the pet's habitat must be treated.  This treatment must continue until there is no remaining flea population

To understand flea control, it is necessary to briefly review the biology of a flea.   The flea life cycle begins as an egg that is laid on your pet and soon falls onto carpet, upholstered furniture, or in cracks or crevices..

Because of the four-stage biology of the flea, the homeowner can see fleas for two weeks or longer following treatment. Provided all infested areas were treated initially, these "survivors" are probably newly emerged adults which have not yet succumbed to the insecticide. Instead of retreating the premises immediately, continue to vacuum.  If adult fleas continue to be seen beyond two to four weeks, re-treatment of the premises may be necessary. Make sure that your pet is protected.

Most flea problems in our area can be eliminated by treating the pet and the interior of the home. In cases where pets spend most of their time outdoors, it may also be necessary to treat the yard. One way to determine if the yard is infested is to walk around your home and yard wearing knee-length white athletic socks. If fleas are present, they will be seen against the white background of the socks.   Outdoor flea treatments will focus on areas where the pet sleeps or plays and it is typically not necessary to treat the entire yard or open areas exposed to full sun.

There are important steps you can take to reduce the problem. Outside and around your home, you should keep your yard mowed regularly.  Cut back all tall weeds and grass, particularly around your home's foundation.

Inside your home you should reduce clutter including stacks of papers, newspapers, magazines, and clothing on the floor.  Make it hard for fleas to find a place to nest. Vacuum often; this is the single most important thing you can do to prevent a flea infestation inside your home.

While the presence of adult fleas and their bites signal the need for service, your pest control professional will concentrate on killing the flea larvae in addition to the adults.  Just before flea service you should vacuum floors and furniture with a beater bar.  This motionFree Reprint Articles, noise and vibration trigger fleas to emerge from their cocoons.

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