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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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How to Keep Tick Away From Your Dog

One way to prevent ticks from attacking your favorite pet is to prevent spaces where ticks and fleas are found.To prevent ticks from attacking your pet, you should also keep any landscaping areas clipped short and clear of brush.

Communally, ticks are found in tall grassy places. They are also frequently found in the woods. So these are the places you and your dogs should avoid spending a lot of time in. Ticks are very resilient parasites. They can live for years just waiting for a host to pass by and then attach themselves and live longer. That is why tick prevention is really tricky.

Prune trees well to allow more sunlight in. Spraying green areas with a flea and tick repellent will also help assist in the prevention of ticks attacking your pet.

While there are many topical repellents, dips, sprays, and tick collars available for purchase, here is an easily prepared treatment you can give your dog to prevent future ticks from attacking.

Mix 1 tablespoon of almond oil and some rose geranium oil, about 10 drops. These ingredients can be purchased at any health food store. Apply the oil mixture onto your pet from his neck all the way to the base of his tail. Reapply approximately once a month or, if you live where ticks are common, every other week.

Special Oils And Other Natural Repellent
Some people prefer to go all natural by giving natural oils and water. One of the most coveted mixtures is lavender oil with water. Although this has yet to be proven, some pet owners choose to try this all natural method in preventing ticks. Other natural oils used for prevention of ticks and fleas are eucalypus, rose geranium and tea tree oils. Once more, its effectiveness has yet to be proven by medical and veterinary medicine.

Good old fashion remedies
Of course there are still conventional medications that your harass's veterinarian can propose to prevent ticks. Your vet can better assess your pet's condition including your house and where you are placed to give the right dose and the right treatment to your dog. There is also what is famous as flea and tick collar. This however is available only with a prescription from a vet. They are able to assess if your pet is mature enough to handle the high level of toxicity that these collars have in order to prevent fleas and ticks from attaching to your pet.Try dog powder, soaps and shampoos which are especially formulated to prevent ticks. Such products are exemplary to use twice a month only. Its effectiveness can last long.

Always keep in mind that ticks do not only pose harm to your pets but to humans as well. Certain ticks are very aggressive that they suck large amount of blood. You'll just wonder why your dog suddenly becomes anemic. It can be a vehicle to transmit diseases from your pet to you and your family. Some of these illnesses are Lyme disease, paralysis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. That is why tick prevention is very vital if you already have a pet or seriously considering of getting one. Be safe and enjoy your pets.

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