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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Signs to Consider if Flea Control and Treatment Worked in Pet

How can you tell if flea treatments have worked? Identifying a flea infestation in your pets is the first step in eradicating the problem. The next course of action actually involves treating the pets, furniture, garden and other parts of your property to help ensure that the fleas have been killed off.

It is normal for pets to have a skin irritation and to scratch, just the same as humans. However, if your pets are still scratching furiously days after they have been treated for fleas, chances are the flea problem has not been properly dealt with.

Observe your pets to see how they are scratching. If they scratch once or twice and then leave their skin alone, they are most probably just satisfying a normal itch. But if they continue to scratch obsessively, and are in an obvious state of distress, you will need to deal with the flea re-infestation.

Other Signs that Flea Control Worked in Pet

Pets Seem More Content

Fleas are a nuisance. During a flea infestation, your docile tabby may have turned into an angry, temperamental cat, tearing through the house, exhibiting worrying behaviours and generally making everyone's life a misery. It is normal for pets to act up while they are coping with fleas. Wouldn't you be feeling disgruntled if you were being tormented day and night by fleas?

If the flea treatments that you applied have worked, your pets will seem much more content and happy. They will stop acting up and will resume their normal activities without interference from fleas.

You Will Notice Dead Fleas

Fleas that have been successfully eradicated will fall off pets and will be noticeable around the home. Rather than mounds of flea dirt and eggs (black specks), you should start to notice dead fleas on tile, linoleum and other parts of the home. If you see live fleas, they should be dying, but if they are still very active, you will need to work on the re-infestation as quickly as possible.

New Bites Will Not Appear

Did you suffer from flea bites, along with your pets while the flea infestation was raging? If flea treatments have been effective, you will notice that old bites will eventually fade away and new ones will not appear. However, if you develop a new crop of bites on your legs within days of administering flea treatment to your pets, home and garden, this shows that the flea infestation is not under control.

Pet owners who have recently dealt with a flea infestation will be anxious to see if their efforts have worked, or if they need to reapply flea treatments. There are clear signs to look out for days after applying treatments. Pets will no longer be scratching furiously. Rather, they will be content. You will also notice dead fleas around the home, as they drop off pets. Another way to tell that flea control treatments have been effective is that no new bites will appear on youFree Web Content, if you have been bitten by fleas.

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