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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Simple Home Protection From Fire Ants Through Basic Ant Control Alone

Some strongly believe that it is important to only try to get rid of the fire ants without out disturbing the other harmless ants in the area because the other ants will help to keep the fire ants from returning because they will help to keep back the food supply that might attract the fire ants.

There are natural ways to get rid of fire ants and products especially for getting rid of them. A natural method for getting rid of them is by pouring extremely hot water mixed with dish soap on the mound.  First shovel the opening off of the mount and then pour the hot water in to the mound.  Then pour it on any area you shoveled up, you might want to bring more than one bucket out with you.  Also remember to wear work gloves, work boots, long socks and tuck your pants in to the boots.  Once you get to the mound work very quickly.  You may need to repeat this.

Killing Fire Ants with Hot Water

Prepare 2 to 3 gallons of hot water (it don't have to be boiling). Pour the hot water down the mound. Make sure you do this when the queen is most active between noon and 2:00 PM on a hot day. You going to have to be sneaky and stay away from all the ants until you're ready. This takes about 3 hot water baths before you actually get rid of the queen.

To keep fire ants out pour boric acid all around the permutes of your home and in to any foundation cracks any where, where they can enter the house. Spray them with extremely hot water mixed with laundry detergent.  After they have perished clean them up off of the floor and then clean the floor right away.  

Medicated Body Powder will Control Fire Ants

This method probably won't kill the queen but if you throw a container full of medicated body powder into their nest they will move their nest. So it's a good idea to sprinkle another container full around the area to get them to move to a new residence.

It is also known that fire ants and even many rodents hate the smell of mint.  Planting mint around the perimeters of your home will help keep unwanted pests away.  Mint does grow rapidly though so keep that in mind.

To keep fire ants out of electrical equipment, seal all sensitive electrical components, especially those that are not insulated. Examples are plastic housings containing contact points of switches, relays, and circuit breakers. Apply long-residual contact insecticides around housing, making sure to avoid the electrical circuitry or components. Treat the inside of equipment housings with products labeled for this use. Barrier-like pesticide strips are also available as a preventive measure. Proper placement of these strips is essential for adequate protection.

Regular inspections and treatment of nearby mounds, either individually or with broadcast bait applications over a surrounding area, will prevent fire ants from moving into the equipment boxes.

So as you can see, there are many natural ways fire ant control. The main point isArticle Search, you have to find a way to control them or they will eventually attack either you or someone in your family or your pet.

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