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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Some Fleas Could Thrive and Attack Humans

Some fleas can attack a range of hosts, and their ability to transfer from one host to another allows for the possible transfer of pathogens including viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. There are different species of fleas. Human fleas is one of them which is also known as Pulex irritans. The carriers of its other species like cat fleas and dog fleas are the pets in your homes.

Human fleas are mostly carried by humans and more commonly attack people who work in farms. They breed in large numbers in pigsties. So, human flea infestation also occurs to people who are regularly exposed to these areas. Human flea treatment is slightly more difficult than treating other flea bites because they just do not bite but also live on human hair. Hence they have to be eradicated from the hair completely.

The characteristics of fleas on humans are more or less the same. The only difference is that, unlike other flea attack, human flea bites are not just confined to the lower portion of the body and can be found all over the body. As soon as human fleas infest human hair, one start feeling itchiness and soreness on scalp. They also spread all over the head in no time. When the fleas bite the skin, a saliva is introduced to the surface that causes severe itching sensation. The effect of flea bites on children is more severe than in adults and lasts for longer duration. Then a few small, red bumps appear in a row on the skin surface that causes constant irritation. The itchy feeling intensifies with time. Later on, the hives take the form of blisters and get surrounded by a red halo. When they are scratched heavily, the skin gets broken and bleeding may occur. It may even lead to secondary skin infections and they become swollen and are tender to touch. Sometimes, when people become highly sensitive towards such bites, they may get allergy symptoms.

How to Get Rid of Human Fleas?

The knowledge of how to treat flea bites is simply not enough. You have to get rid of these harmful creatures from the entire house. If you have pets in your home, take them to the veterinarian for treatment. They prescribe medicines for both oral administration and medicated lotions for topical application. Clearing up flea infestation in the home is a tough task because they lay eggs in all places of the house particularly on soft fabrics like carpet, upholstery furniture, pet bedding, mattresses, etc.

These things should be thoroughly vacuum cleaned regularly. Human flea repellent products are available in the form of sprays or 'flea bomb' and can be used for killing the fleas. Insecticides should be sprayed in outdoor areas. In case, the house is badly infested, you should take the help of professionals for flea control measures.

As you can see, human flea treatment involves not just treating the humans but getting rid of fleas from your surroundings as well. For this reason, you must prevent them from breeding inside the house. Spreading eucalyptus leaves all over the house can be extremely helpful in this regard.

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