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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Why Need to Use Padding for Carpet

The main reason for using carpet padding is to increase the life of the carpet by cushioning it from the impact of abuse and wear and tear. However, carpet pad or cushion could serve another purpose as well. It can make the carpet more comfortable and give it a luxurious look.

Carpet padding can also absorb sound and make the interior of your house warm. There are several carpet padding types to choose from, but what is important is to select the right type of carpet pads.

Types of Carpet Padding

As has been mentioned already, there are several types of carpet cushion or padding. Out of these, foam padding, bonded urethane padding, waffle rubber padding, flat rubber padding and fiber cushion are the major carpet padding types, installation of which can prolong the life of your carpet. Below here is a brief discussion about these various types of carpet cushion or pads.

Foam Padding
Foam padding is made from the scraps of urethane foam that are usually taken from car seats and other foam products. Foam padding comes in different thickness and densities. This type of carpet padding is more suitable to be used in places with low traffic. An important fact about this type of padding is that foam does not properly adhere to the carpet, and its cushioning effect can cause the carpet to move up and down. This can eventually cause the padding to break down within a short time.

Bonded Urethane Padding
Bonded urethane padding, also known as rebond is manufactured from the scraps of urethane foam from the recycled foam products like, furniture. To make this padding, high density urethane foam is bonded together. Bonded urethane padding too comes in various thickness and densities. Today, bonded urethane padding has emerged as one of the most popular carpet padding types. However, a chemical known as butylated hydroxytoluene is used in bonded urethane padding, which can cause the carpet surface to turn yellow over time. This problem however, can be solved by using white vinegar or other mild acids, and then a detergent solution for carpet cleaning.

Flat Rubber Padding
There are basically two types of rubber padding, flat and waffle rubber padding. Flat rubber carpet cushion or padding is great for giving that touch of luxury to your home. This type of carpet cushion is also considered quite durable, and it can provide long-lasting protection against wear and tear. However, flat rubber padding can be a bit expensive.

Waffle Rubber Padding
Waffle rubber padding is very soft, and is usually made of spongy rubber material. This carpet padding is characterized by a waffle like texture having hills and valleys. The carpet sits on the raised areas (hills) of the padding. This means that the padding includes lots of air, which makes the carpet softer to feel. But, this padding may fail to provide enough support and it can break down over time. However, today's waffle padding is considered much better as compared to the waffle padding that was available in 1970s and 80s. While purchasing waffle padding, consumers are usually advised to look for products rated at over 90 ounces.

Fiber Padding
Fiber carpet padding is manufactured from natural, as well as recycled fiber. This type of carpet pads are sometimes made from jute. Even recycled textile fibers and synthetic carpet fibers are used for this purpose. Fiber padding is known to give a firm feel to the carpet. This type of carpet cushion or pad can be quite long-lasting and resistant to mildew and mold.

So, these are some of the most common carpet padding types. Best carpet padding depends on the type of carpet, as well as the kind of traffic that the carpet and the pads are likely to get. Thin and dense padding can work well for areas with high traffic, while in areas with low traffic, you can install thicker carpet cushion. Apart from the types of padding mentioned above, you can find another type of carpet pad or cushion in the market, which is known as berber padding. Berber padding is specifically manufactured for berber carpets. As far as the carpet padding price is concerned, it can vary greatly depending on the type of padding you choose for your project.

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