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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Birds are at times annoying. Thanks to the persons who invented the birds net to keep them off. “Have you seen a bird bumping up and down inside your office?” if yes, I know the feeling wasn’t calm. There are various types of bird nets used to unwelcome birds. A bird net is the best way to scare away birds and other insects without harming them.

If you intend to present a professional image of your business, it is imperative to use the right bird fighting skills. It's not just aesthetics. Having a large number of birds in a particular area can, for practical reasons, be annoying and even harmful to your health.

Remember that it is not only the typical pests such as pigeons and gulls that matter. Sparrows, starlings, and crows can cause problems when they decide to make your business their home!


The best defense against bird-related problems is precautions. There are three very common and effective bird prevention methods that we encourage you to consider.

Netting- The bird proofing nets can be used to pack almost any area with various fasteners such as stone, wood, and metal. Several measurement sizes (net holes) allow you to decide which pest bird species to exclude while complying with applicable law. Networks are used both in buildings and in the agricultural sector to protect crops and orchards.

Nets tend to be made of nylon and come in various colors like black, stone, and clear. Professional installation is required for it to work as intended. The net must be attached to the birds that come into contact with the net "jump" rather than get entangled.

Insufficient installation can leave small holes open. That is, birds can be caught behind the net and released. You should check your network regularly to make sure it is not loose and working properly.

Anti-Perch Spikes

You may have noticed it in the building before, but if you did not, you would notice it after reading this. Perch prevention or, less often, pigeon claws are found in almost every city center in the country.

The long, thin spikes are placed diagonally along the edge of the building on a flat surface where birds can choose to stop.

Spring Wire System

The spring wire system is the most discreet bird-fighting tactic, making it ideal for buildings where the aesthetics of the façade are particularly important. With a professional installation, most people do not even notice their existence.

It consists of small steel rods attached to the roof and thin wires running between them. The heights change so that the birds cannot sit comfortably.

All of these options provide effective protection for your business, but if you want long-lasting and effective results, the services of a professional pest control team with extensive experience in bird control.


Is installing bird nets and pigeon spikes a permanent solution?

Yes, Birdnet and BirdSpike are the same solutions currently in use worldwide. They provide a durable, cost-effectivePsychology Articles, and most successful solution.

Is it possible to install it ourselves?

Installation of anti-bird nets and bird tips requires qualified training of a professional technician. There are separate Pigeon Net teams for private and industrial purposes.

There are Beautiful views from balconies and windows. Will Birdnet systems block my view?

Bird net allows 100% light and fresh air to pass through. It is transparent and cannot be detected once installed.

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