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Monday, October 22, 2018
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AR500 vs Kevlar

This article covers the basics on the similarites and differences in AR500 armor and Kevlar. Both of these are materials that are used in the armor that protects a person from bullets fired from several different types of firearms. 

Kevlar vs AR500

When it comes to body armor, there are a lot of different aspects about the armor that make it customizable to what you are looking for. When curious about buying body armor you can look at the additions, like the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, Style and adjustable mag pouches. By determining the type of body armor you choose, you’ll be able to customize how lightweight the body armor is. You will also be able to select the different NIJ (National Institute of Justice) levels, which is able to determine the strong the body armor is. These different levels will determine what the different types of firearms the body armor will be able to withstand.  Lastly, the most important part is the type of body armor that you might be able to select. With the understanding that the different types body armor such as Kevlar, AR500 Steel and even the specialized Kevlar composite come with their different specializations and attributes; the customer will be able to be able to fully customize their body armor for what they are looking for. In this article we will be discussing in detail these three different types of body armor, in hope that when choosing your body armor, you might be able to choose the one customized to what you are looking for.

To start, AR500 is specialized steel alloy that is heat treated bring the steel up to 500BHN. BHN is a unit of measure on the Brinell scale that determines the indentation hardness of materials. The hardness of the steel allows it to withstand the maximum level of the NIJ standards. Apart from being stab and poke resistant the AR500 armor will withstanding bullets fired from hand guns, sub-machine guns and assault rifles.

Developed in 1965, Kevlar is the second type of body armor capable of withstanding bullets fired from several firearms.  Kevlar, also known as Poly-paraphenylene terepthalamide is a fiber discovered by American chemist Stephanie Kwolek. Originally developed to make stronger tires, a quick discovery showed that the fiber would withstand several test that would normally break similar fibers. With this discovery the field of polymer chemistry was introduced.  From that moment on, labs began testing the limits of this polymer. After years of testing the labs released Kevlar KM2, this would involve the ballistic resistance armor used In the body armor you see today. Kevlar is fibers woven together in multiple layers. These layers’ multiple layers will prevent bullets from bursting throw. The fibers allow it to be a lighter than most other vest. Depending on the thickness of the layers it will provide protection from different levels of the NIJ levels of standards. One thing to keep in mind is that as the layers stack up the price of the Kevlar also significantly increases.

In the end, these two types of body armor will help protect you in the dire situations. When deciding between the two armors there several key things to keep in mind. The AR500 steel plates give the maximum protection at an affordable price. The only downside is the weight of the plates coming in at 10 lbs per plate. Next the Kevlar armor a significantly difference in weight it provides protection to most of the NIJ Standard levels. However, the significant cut in weight comes with a cost. With this knowledge you will have the ability to fully customize the body armor to your liking.

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