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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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10 Natural Means To Improve Energy Levels In Winter

If you feel that your energy levels are down, here are ten means to help you boost energy levels. These tips are designed with winter in mind.

It is natural to feel tired, more so in winter with shorter days, cold temperatures and a general desire to stay longer indoors. If you are trying to increase your energy levels without gaining weight, you will find the following tips useful.

1. Get enough sleep The body and mind require six to eight hours of sleep each night. This recommended duration of sleep is essential for the correct workings of the physical and metal side of the body.

2. Train the brain Feeling tired often has a mental side to it. If you move enough, your brain will have no choice but to release available energy that is stored in the muscle. Do this enough times and your body will help train your brain making it easier over time to move about.

3. Drink plenty of fluids Dehydration can bring energy levels down not to mention other more pressing issues. If you feel tired try and drink a large glass of water. It will help improve energy levels and can even help with weight loss.

4. Cut down on sugar levels A sugar rich diet will only provide you with enough energy for a very short while, not sustainable in the long run. A well balanced diet can improve the alert state of the body over long periods of time.

5. Simply move more People often use various excuses to avoid working out and moving about, however for TV watching there is always plenty of time, how come? Moving around and working out can release endorphins (the feel good chemical in the brain) that will help sustain this activity for longer which in return will help ensure that energy levels stay high.

6. Try and get some sun If you are lucky enough to reside in a sunny climate, you can use the sun to improve your energy levels simply by going out and about. In winter when the sun shies away it is common to stay indoors and this can lead to reduced energy levels. You can take a vacation in a warm sunny climate or in days when the sun does come out, be sure to embrace it.

7. Drink herbal tea Most types of tea (including but no limited to herbal tea) contain amino acids that help boost available energy. Tea can be consumed hot or cold, the benefits to the body are the same so it can be consumed all year around.

8. Take a power nap Power naps have been proven to improve state of mind, improve memory and overall make you more efficient for longer periods of time. To make power naps effective, do not exceed 30 minutes of sleep.

9. Eat smaller meals A recommended trick to keep energy levels high for longer is to eat more often. Instead of having one large meal, try and divide your meals over the day. Five to six well-balanced meals are an effective mean to keep the body alert for longer.

10. Use common sense If you tried the various means to keep energy levels high you may want to seek further support. You may want to look at your daily diet to ensure it contains all the right food groups as you may require food supplements. AdditionallyFeature Articles, you may want to consult with your doctor if lack of energy is causing reduced quality of life.

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The writer works for a UK supplements company that offers a wide range of food and health supplements online and by mail order.

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