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Saturday, November 16, 2019
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3 Reasons to Undergo Liposuction Surgery

Following are the reasons why Liposuction is the best option for getting rid of unwanted & excessive body fat to lead a Healthy & fit life

In sports, A player achieves hat-trick by succeeding thrice in succession. It is considered a sign of competence and players get well-rewarded. Medical and cosmetic professions may not be as thrilling. But the specialists also perform hat-tricks of their own with equal value.

Let us look at 3 important reasons that endorse Liposuction surgery. We will call them the HAT-trick as they pertain to Health, Aesthetics and Technology.

  1. Health

The word cosmetic misleads and misinforms many ordinary people. They think it is only limited to beauty care. But in reality, cosmetic and plastic surgeries are full-fledged scientific endeavors. Reconstructive surgeries can be complex and are an art unto themselves.


There are many troublesome pathological or diseased conditions. Liposuction can be helpful in treating these diseases. The patients get relief and their health also gets restored soon.

  • Lipomas - Fatty lumps are formed between the skin and muscle layers. These are benign tumors that are soft, painless and movable. They generally appear on the shoulders, abdomen and upper backside.
  • Lipedema - A disorder in which both legs appear bloated or swollen. Fat deposits are responsible for this painful, bruising condition. They also affect limbs and the upper body.
  • Lipodystrophies - The body fails to produce and maintain healthy fat tissue. Surgeons treat patients with liposuction on the pelvis, legs, thighs, etc.,
  • Pseudogynecomastia and Gynecomastia - Fat gets deposited behind and around the nipples. It leads to enlargement of the chest and is normally found in obese men.  
  • Macromastia e gigantomastia - The female breasts grow abnormally large in this rare disorder. Adolescents are treated with liposuction and breast reduction surgeries.
  • Lymphedema - The legs and arms get bloated due to lymph node damage or removal. The patients undergo lipo to reduce swelling and ease lymph drainage.


  1. Aesthetics

The popular and most frequent use of liposuction is for beauty. Removing unwanted fat from various areas of the body is liberating. The patient will feel happy and show greater optimism in social conduct.


Fat reduction is combined with body contouring to produce many aesthetic benefits. A shapely figure or well-defined outline is a worthy trait. It attracts members of the opposite sex and makes you look more attractive.


Of course, Patients enter the clinic with unreasonable expectations. Liposuction has made rapid strides in recent years. There are new surgical techniques and more powerful devices. For aesthetic reasons, the surgeon is best qualified to determine a patient's eligibility.


  1. Tissue Engineering

Without research and development, there is no progress in any field. New technologies that use laser and ultrasound devices are safer. The patients feel less pain and also recover completely in a faster time.


The medical fraternity also derives benefits that go beyond the patient's concerns. For example, Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are technical and research subjects. The stromal cells within the adipose or fat tissue are used by these scientists.


Laser liposuction is carried out to isolate and harvest adipose-derived stromal cells. These cultured in the lab and injected into diseased patients. Then research is conducted to see if the cells, tissue, and organs can recreate or rebuild themselves.


These are highly technical matters and require professional expertise. Surgeons do not take risks and patients are informed beforehand. However, Not all cosmetic clinics join such research programs or engineering studies.


For those who are curious, the 3rd gen ultrasound technique is considered the safest method. Liposuction research based on laser and smart methods is not very conclusive.


Why Opt For Cosmed Clinic?

Dr. Rajat Kapoor is a highly qualified and reputed plastic surgeon. His services in cosmetic care have found resounding success. His contribution to social welfare and healthcare education has also been recognized.

At his liposuction clinicArticle Search, You receive high-quality care without any comprises. The treatment modalities are also decided personally by the doctor. Traditional and advanced procedures are prescribed for different patients.

The surgeon relies on standard practices and recognized innovations. The patient's safety and satisfaction are given high priority. The surgeries are always done in clean surroundings.


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