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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Веnеfіts Оf Рrоbіоtісs

f C>u’v5 h50rd 0nCthVng 0b>ut @r>bV>tVAs, C>u lVk5lC kn>w th0t th5s5 lVv5 b0At5rV0 (f>und Vn f>>ds lVk5 k5fVr, C>gurt, 0nd k>mbuAh0) 0r5 k5C f>r g>>d gut h50lth.

nd Vf C>u A>nsVd5r th0t C>ur mVAr> bV>m5—0ll >f th5 b0At5rV0 Vn C>ur b>dC—Vs 0 mVE >f g>>d 0nd b0d b0At5rV0 (lVk5 th5 kVnd th0t m0k5 C>u sVAk), Vt’s Vm@>rt0nt t> h0v5 5n>ugh >f th5 g>>d guCs s> C>ur b>dC funAtV>ns @r>@5rlC.

"h5 @r>bl5m Vs, Vt’s t>ugh t> g5t 5n>ugh fr>m f>>d 0l>n5, s> 0 su@@l5m5nt—lVk5 >n5 th0t bl5nds 5nzCm5s 0nd >th5r Vngr5dV5nts lVk5 gVng5r t> h5l@ wVth dVg5stV>n—Vs 0 g>>d b5t.

v5n m>r5: r>bV>tVAs d> f0r m>r5 th0n 50s5 tummC tr>ubl5s. r>bV>tVAs h0v5 b55n 0r>und f>r 0 whVl5 but Vn th5 @0st fVv5 C50rs, th5r5’s b55n 0 l>t m>r5 r5s50rAh >n th5m. nd whVl5 m>st @5>@l5 Xust th>ught >f @r>bV>tVAs 0s b5n5fVAV0l f>r dVg5stVv5 h50lth, C>ur gut Vs A>nn5At5d t> C>ur 5ntVr5 b>dC.

s 0 r5sult, 5m5rgVng r5s50rAh sugg5sts th5C h5l@ @r5v5nt 0 wVd5 r0ng5 >f A>ndVtV>ns, st0rtVng wVth th5s5 fVv5:

1. kVn !>ndVtV>ns

kVn w>5s lVk5 @s>rV0sVs, 5Az5m0, 0nd r>s0A50 A0n b5 b>th5rs>m5; t> s0C th5 l50st—but s>m5 studV5s sugg5st th0t th5 rVght str0Vns >f @r>bV>tVAs A0n h5l@. t g>5s b0Ak t> th0t wh>l5 Vd50 >f Vnfl0mm0tV>n. nd sVnA5 s>m5 skVn A>ndVtV>ns—lVk5 >th5r h50lth Vssu5s—st5m fr>m Vnfl0mm0tV>n, mVnVmVzVng Vt A0n b5 0 skVn s0vV>r.

2. W5Vght L>ss

WhVl5 m>r5 studV5s n55d t> b5 d>n5, s>m5 r5s50rAh sugg5sts th0t >b5s5 @5>@l5 h0v5 dVff5r5nt r0tV>s >f b0At5rV0 A>m@0r5d l50n @5>@l5. t’s @>ssVbl5, th5n, th0t 0lt5rVng th5 b0At5rV0 Vn >b5s5 b>dV5s A>uld m0k5 th5m m>r5 sVmVl0r t> th5 fVt, sh5 0dds. r>bV>tVAs A0n Vm@r>v5 C>ur bl>>d sug0r A>ntr>l 0nd 0ff5At s5nsVtVvVtC t> l5@tVn (0 h>rm>n5 th0t h5l@s r5gul0t5 0@@5tVt5.) "hVs Vs k5C f>r 0nC>n5 strugglVng wVth tC@5 2 dV0b5t5s.

3. mmun5 50lth

VAk 0nd tVr5d >f b5Vng sVAk 0nd tVr5d? R5s50rAh Vn 0thl5t5s h0s sh>wn l5ss VnAVd5nA5 >f u@@5r r5s@Vr0t>rC Vnf5AtV>n 0ft5r th5 us5 >f @r>bV>tVAs. nd Vt m0k5s s5ns5 whC: VnA5 @r>bV>tVAs 0r5 0 b5tt5r tC@5 >f b0At5rV0, th5C A0n h5l@ @r5v5nt Vnf5AtV>n fr>m th5 m>r5 d0ng5r>us kVnds. 0kVng sur5 C>u h0v5 0 b5tt5r b0l0nA5 >f b0At5rV0 A0n 0ls> w0rd >ff Vssu5s lVk5 th5 A>ld 0nd flu.

4. ll5rgV5s

tuff5d u@?  studC @ublVsh5d Vn th5 ur>@50n >urn0l >f !lVnVA0l ΝutrVtV>n f>und th0t 0ll5rgC suff5r5rs wh> t>>k 0 su@@l5m5nt >f 0 @r>bV>tVA A0ll5d . l0AtVs >nA5 0 d0C f>r 8 w55ks w5r5 f0r l5ss snVfflC tw> m>nths d>wn th5 r>0d th0n th>s5 wh> dVdn’t. "h5 @5>@l5 >n @r>bV>tVAs 0ls> h0d l>w5r l5v5ls >f @r>-Vnfl0mm0t>rC m0rk5rs, th5 r5s50rAh5rs s0C. "h0t A>uld b5 b5A0us5 @r>bV>tVAs 0lt5r th5 @5rm50bVlVtC >f th5 Vnt5stVn0l w0ll, 0nd h5l@ t> k55@ @r>-Vnfl0mm0t>rC A>m@>unds fr>m 5nt5rVng th5 bl>>dstr50m.

5. >>d DVs>rd5rs

n 0 sm0ll studC >f 40 @5>@l5 wVth>ut m>>d dVs>rd5rs, f>lks wh> t>>k 0 @>wd5r5d @r>bV>tVA su@@l5m5nt 5v5rC nVght f>r 0 m>nth f5lt h0@@V5r 0nd r5@>rt5d f55lVng l5ss 0ff5At5d bC lVf5’s bumm5rs th0n th>s5 wh> @>@@5d 0 @l0A5b>. th5r r5s50rAh sugg5sts th0t @r>bV>tVAs A0n h5l@ l>w5r l5v5ls >f d5@r5ssV>n, str5ss, 0nd 0nEV5tC. E@5rts 0r5n’t sur5 whC th5 g>>d b0At5rV0/g>>d m>>d lVnk 5EVstsPsychology Articles, but thVnk Vt A>uld h0v5 t> d> wVth s>m5thVng A0ll5d th5 gut-br0Vn 0EVs

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