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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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A Guide to Use Emergency Contraception After a Contraceptive Accident

In this article you will find adequate information about emergency contraceptives or morning-after pills, with special emphasis on the prescription medications like ellaOne and Levonelle.

What is a morning-after pill or emergency contraception?

The terms ‘emergency contraception’ or ‘morning-after pill’ suggest that medications belonging to these categories need to be taken on an urgent basis. These medications are capable of relieving a woman from the risk of unwanted or unplanned conception – in case she forgets to take her regular contraceptive pills or the medications don’t work. An emergency contraceptive or morning-after pill is another form of hormonal contraceptive but a user needs to take it only when the regular contraceptive used by her and her partner fails. The high dosage of artificial hormones that these pills contain would provide her with the desired protection in a single pill. Currently, in the UK the two most popular morning-after pills are ellaOne and Levonelle.

The basic composition of a morning-after pill

The common feature of all morning-after pills is that they contain high dosages of synthetic progesterone receptor modulator. In case of ellaOne it is ulipristal acetate and in Levonelle, levonorgestrel is used for the same purpose. These chemicals are capable of changing the normal functioning of the natural progestogen hormone and bring necessary changes in your menstrual cycle. However, the best benefits of the pills can be received only when you take them as soon as possible after an incident of contraceptive failure or unprotected sexual intercourse.

How does a morning-after pill work?

The menstrual cycle of a woman is characterised by continuous change of sex hormones. It plays the most important role in helping a woman to conceive. If your regular contraception fails then you get exposed to the possibility of conceiving as the chance of sperm fertilising an egg also increases considerably. The primary function of the basic ingredient of morning-after pills, such as ulipristal acetate or levonorgestrel is to override the natural hormonal cycle by controlling the secretion of the natural progestogen hormone.

Thanks to the chemicals that an emergency contraceptive contains, ovulation is prevented. It means that even if the regular contraceptive doesn’t work then the sperm cannot fertilise an egg as it is not there to be fertilised. In addition, the basic ingredient of the pills would also change in the womb lining which makes it almost possible for a fertilised egg to attach itself on the uterine wall. These pills are almost 98% effective in protecting you from the risks of unwanted pregnancy. However, a Levonelle user should take her pill within 24 hours since the time of unprotected sexual intercourse as effectiveness of the medication gradually reduces as the time passes.

Compared to thisHealth Fitness Articles, an ellaOne user has the flexibility to take her pill anytime within 120 hours as the medication gives 98% protection against the risks of unwanted pregnancy.

Online availability

A willing person may purchase both ellaOne and Levonelle online from any genuine medication selling online pharmacy of the UK. You simply need to fill in a free online consultation form before you place your order. It is important as this would help the medical team of the pharmacy to understand whether you are physically capable to take the medication of your choice or not.

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Kelly Kites writes article on various health related problems. Out of many work of her, one is on information of emergency contraception like Levonelle and ellaOne in the UK.

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