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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Abusing Drugs? Find Out Its Impact on Your Kids

Noted American novelist and poet Herman Melville once said: “Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.” It is certainly a sound advice steeped in profound wisdom and valid even more than a century later.

When you abuse drugs or alcohol it is not only you who is bound to suffer. Your kids, who watch you closely, also silently put up with your habit of abusing drugs, or alcoholism. Imagine what could have been running inside their minds when your kids watch you snorting on cocaine, toking marijuana or gulping a glass of whisky.

If you do not go sober and procrastinate quitting drugs, it could leave an indelible impact on the psyche of your kids. So, before it is too late, check into a renowned detox center in the country, be it the drug detox centers in Florida or elsewhere and go sober.

Here, we take a look at some of the possible ill effects on the kids owing to your habit of abusing drugs or drinking:

It will affect their psyche: When kids witness a parent abusing drugs at home, they begin to feel insecure. It impacts their psyche in a distorted way. It may lead to their irate behavior and the exasperation will become visible. Their day-to-day activities get hampered and basic needs go for a toss. Kids need immense care as they grow up and nurturing them is a delicate subject. With a drug addict parent at home, the whole process goes haywire. By draining your finances, your habit of abusing drugs will limit the resources meant for your kids and it may hit them badly. Instead of growing up to become healthy adults, they will begin to show signs of mental instabilities. When kids of their age enjoy games and remain blissful, your kids will have difficulty even in communicating with others. Your action will further alienate them from their peers and they will gradually become more uncomfortable mingling with friends.

Impact on their academics: Your kid requires unbridled attention to gain mileage in studies. To fare well in a competitive education system, your kid needs constant monitoring. However, when you are constantly in a state of insobriety, these are the last things on your list of priorities. So, if you do not go sober at the right time, your kid will find it really hard to make up for the lost time when it comes to studies.

Impact on physical health: When you abuse drugs it is most likely that your child’s needs would be relegated. Improper hygiene, irregular food timings and poor nutrition will become the order of the day at home. Disdaining these important aspects of your kid’s growing up period will seriously hamper the health and could have long-term implications. They will tend to remain sick most of the time. So, going sober is the only way out from this vicious cycle.

Your kid might emulate you in the future: The most serious impact of your drug addiction could be that your son or daughter also starts abusing it when he or she grows up. This could be the most devastating reprisal to you and your habit of addiction. Visit any detox center in the country, be it the†drug detox centers in south Florida or others, you will find cases wherein an addict’s parents were also addicts in the past. Subconsciously, the guilt of drug abuse will be lesser in them because they have seen you doing the same thing all these years. It could be a dangerous lullaby for them when they see a parent abusing drugs.

As they sayBusiness Management Articles, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Make the move today and embark on a path to sobriety before it is too late and the situation goes beyond your control.

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Peter Guilorry is associated with Sovereign Detox Services for many years. Sovereign Detox Services provides drug detox centers in Florida.

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