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Friday, January 28, 2022
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Acid Reflux - Can Simple Pyramid Energy Cure Acid Reflux Disease?

Acid reflux disease is a problem that not only obese people have but thinner people and even children also. The only solution is a natural one. A natural cure such as...

One of the biggest health problems people face today is acid reflux disease. There is nothing worse than being afraid to lay down at night and fall asleep. I know. I suffered from acid reflux for about four or five years. Now it is only once in a great while I get it mildly.

Why so many people are suffering from acid reflux today is beyond me. I suspect it is something in our modern diet. Some man-made chemicals in our food supply chain or water supply maybe. I used to think it was just from getting older and from being overweight, but there are young people, even thin young people who are suffering from this disease.

Left untreated, acid reflux can bring about a host of health problems. I do believe that many times acid reflux is just from being overweight though. Eating hard-to-digest foods late at night like pork, beef, corn chips, large amounts of some heavier pastas can be hard for our stomach to break down.

It takes a lot of stomach acid to break down some foods. One solution is that you could try eating a larger breakfast and smaller dinners at night. This way you burn the needed energy while you are active during the day and you go to bed on an empty stomach at night because you ate a light dinner at around 6 p.m.

A good breakfast to start out the day raises your metabolism, which is good for your digestive system. Sumo wrestlers I hear don't eat breakfast because it raises their metabolism (They are bent on gaining weight). So, eating a good healthy breakfast, a lighter lunch and a lighter dinner may be of help. Also not eating after 6 p.m.

You can also try eating smaller, more frequent meals and never over-eating. Over-eating takes more stomach acids to break down the food in our stomach. Also, if you are overweight, getting your weight down even by just 10 or 15 pounds can help.

One solution is to slightly raise the head of your bed so you sleep slightly uphill. This doesn't always work though because I would still get acid reflux while sitting up and trying to sleep in my easy chair at night.

I think one reason I would get acid reflux is because as digestive gases build up in the stomach and because you are inactive they cannot escape. When you are active and gases build up you will usually burp and this releases stomach pressure. I guess this would be a good reason to exercise after meals.

Years ago I stumbled across the subject of pyramids, pyramid energy and how they are helpful to mankind. After building a room-size pyramid in my home the one thing I noticed is that Pyramid energy makes the stomach to digest foods at a faster rate. Pyramid energy seems to empty the stomach faster.

It has been known for years that pyramids offer mankind many different health benefits including improved eyesight, better teeth, lowering blood pressure, better sleep, relief from chronic painPsychology Articles, etc.

But this digestion issue is something I noticed on my own. Just from being in a pyramid after just a few minutes you begin to hear your stomach digesting. I have noticed over the years that pyramid energy empties the stomach much like going swimming does. You can even energize drinking water using pyramid energy.

Pyramid energy may not be the answer to your acid reflux. But if you test this out and it works for you that will be great. It would make a great natural cure.

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Lee Cusano have been involved with pyramid energy for over 20 years. He discovered first hand how they are beneficial for mankind. Lee also offers a free report titled "The Real Secret To Long Life". You can also learn more about how to easily build your own low-cost pyramids by visiting

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