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Monday, August 26, 2019
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Acne Scars Treated By Breakthrough Peptide That Heals Dead Skin

Acne scars are a tough symptom to treat, in comparison to wrinkles, age spots and other signs of past damage to the skin.  Many creams and treatments exist for acne scars, but until recently, most of them were mediocre in their results at best.  This article, however, discusses how Collaxyl, a hexapeptide actually healed a piece of dead skin, and how it has been used in some very cutting edge creams for the treatment of acne scars.

When most of us think of peptides, we think of them as the premier treatment for wrinkles and fine lines.  But the use of peptides have not been limited to just wrinkle treatment, they have proven to be rather effective in many other skin care niches such as acne scars and the removal of sunspots and discoloration.  While any of these treatments can be considered tissue repair procedures, there is one peptide that has proven to be the most effective in the treatment of dead and damaged tissue common with scars.  The author examines which peptide has established itself as the industry leader as well as what treatments benefit consumers the most from its use. 

There are many leading peptides in the skin care industry, but some work better on certain treatments than others.  For example Matrixyl is the leading peptide used for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines.  Its focus on the cellular regeneration has made it second to none in the rapid removal and complete treatment of wrinkles.  Renovage is another polypeptide that made a name for itself through consistently proving significant results in clinical studies.  While its main focus is the removal of sun spots and age spots, it is also extremely effective at the reduction of large pores.  But neither of these peptides has carved out a niche in the acne scar industry, effectively removing scar tissue and healing the damage resulting in unsightly legions. 

The peptide that has proven itself most effective in clinical studies for the treatment of damaged tissue is Collaxyl.  Collaxyl penetrates deep like most peptides but its potency is far superior making the treatment of scar tissue relatively simple.  One study shows Collaxyl as so effective it was able to treat and heal a sample of dead skin with only one application.  This study, that has shocked even the most researched scientists and dermatologists around the world, shows that one application of Collaxyl was able to revive the dead skin, but also heal the wound inflicted as well after ONLY 72 hours.  That’s right, one application revived and healed skin after just 72 hours, imagine what would happen with consistent use. 

It is studies like this that has made Collaxyl the number one ingredient for the treatment of acne scars, although very few products have incorporated it as of yet.  Dermatologists around the world recommend this ingredient over any other in the daily treatment of acne scars.  While there are not many brands that use a high quality ingredient like Collaxyl in their acne scar fading creams, it is not too difficult to locate one.  By searching for the ingredients and of course the products that use it, and from there simply choose the brand with the best reputation for quality products. 

The treatment of damaged tissue and acne scars is much like the treatment of other skin conditions.  Peptides have proven to be some of the best topical treatments for many of these conditions and this is certainly the case when it comes to tissue repair.  If Collaxyl can heal dead skin after only 72 hoursScience Articles, imagine what your skin can look like after two weeks of applying these acne scar fading creams twice daily.  The results you achieve will leave you breathless and thrilled with your appearance.

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Sabrina James is a sufferer of acne scars who recently won her personal battle with the discoloration and the texture that her acne scars had.  She followed the advice on acne scars treatments and tells her story at

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