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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Acupressure information

AcupressureAcupressure is essentially a technique used to access and release blocked or congested energy centers in the body. Chinese cultures believe the points to be junctures of meridian pathways t...


Acupressure is essentially a technique used to access and release blocked or congested energy centers in the body. Chinese cultures believe the points to be junctures of meridian pathways that carry energy called chi. Modern scientists have also map out and prove the existence of these points using electrical devices.
The Tradition

Acupressure is based on the principles of chi, which is a fundamental concept of the Traditional Chinese Medicine that energy flows through the fourteen meridians of the body. During Holistic Massage finger pressure is applied to a number of points along the body to relieve great amounts of tension and treat specific ailments. There are about 365 acupoints in total, although only 32 are used in Acupressure; each a delicate nerve ending which acts as valves to stimulate the flow of chi (energy) through the meridians (energy channels), and rebalance the body’s internal network. The key focus of this treatment is to harmonise the body and balance out the ‘Yin and Yang’ which are opposite, yet complimentary forces believed to underline all aspects of life. This compromises both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems, which is important for general well being and tranquillity.

The Science

The accumulation of toxins in muscle tissue causes stiffness throughout the body and puts abnormal pressure on the nerves, resulting in tension and lack of feeling, and blood and lymph vessels, which can affect both skeletal systems and internal organ functioning. Acupressure promotes natural self-curative abilities and removes energy blockages by diffusing the toxic build up that accumulates by applying pressure to the areas.

Acupressure applied during Holistic Massage can be used to improve the seriousness of and sometimes treat certain conditions; it can also ease tension and aches and pains as well as reducing stress levels, and preventing future illness.

Acupressure has many benefits; some of which are listed below for you:

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from Headache
  • Relief from Migraines
  • Relief from Insomnia
  • Relief from Depression
  • Relief from Toothache
  • Relief from Dizziness
  • Relief from Menstrual pain
  • Relief from Digestive disorders including diarrhea and constipation
  • Relief from Nausea
  • Relief from Morning sickness
  • Relief from Motion sickness
  • Relief from Stress and tiredness

During Swedish Massage, pressure is applied for 15-30 seconds to pressure points along the energy channels down the back. By working down the points it becomes apparent where there may be the absence of energy; where the point feels ‘hollow’ and cool, to the area of tension which can usually be felt as a fiery and active due to the blockage of energy, this point is stimulated for a further 10 -20 seconds three times. The previous acupoints are revisited to stimulate the flow of energy which can result in a release of tension unknown previously. Relief can be temporary, but once points are identified further acupressure and massage can be applied as necessary.

As in any medical treatment there are some times when Acupressure would be inappropriate and should be avoided. These include:

  • If the person has a heart condition
  • Just before, or less than 20min after exercise, a meal or a bath
  • On areas with large moles, wartsBusiness Management Articles, abrasions etc.
  • Or on a lady that is over 3 months pregnant

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