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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Artificial Sweeteners = Poison

Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Equal - whatever you want to call it, would have to be the king of the many dangerous substances peddled to an unsuspecting public in the guise of "weight loss".. This insidiou...

Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Equal - whatever you want to call it, would have to be the king of the many dangerous substances peddled to an unsuspecting public in the guise of "weight loss"..

This insidious beast has crept into our lives via soft drinks (sodas), chewing gum, candies, desserts, yoghurt, table sweeteners and pharmaceuticals, just to name a few..

It was actually banned in the United States after early tests revealed that aspartame caused dramatic cancerous tumor increases in test animals. These included brain, pancreas, and breast tumors.

Enter Donald Rumsfeld

The former Secretary of Defense of the U.S, then CEO of Searle Laboratories (the company responsible for the manufacture of aspartame) used his political connections to bury the findings and consequently the FDA approved Nutrasweet for public consumption. Cheers Don... Incidently Searle is now owned by Monsanto, the company heading up another assault on healthy living - Genetically Modified Foods or G.M.O.

Aspartame and weight loss

Gathering evidence is showing that artificial sweeteners in general create a negative hormonal response in the body directly after consumption, increasing fat storing hormone production and cravings for more sweets and refined carbohydrates (such as white breads). People will often more than make up for the lack of calories with more refined (junk) foods.

Where's the proof?

Health issues that have been related to artificial sweeteners in scientific studies and observations are as follows..

* Linked to cancer* Linked to A.D.D* Adverse effects on the liver and kidneys* Developmental problems in children* Stimulates cravings* Gastrointestinal issues* Migraines and headaches

Plus many, many more......

Some of the above mentioned health issues are not set in stone but ask yourself this - Would you risk you or your childrens health and safety with these laboratory-born chemicals when there is even a remote chance they could be harmful? At least sugar (unrefined please) and honey are completely natural foods. As long as you use these sparingly in their raw, unprocessed and preferably organic state along with a healthy diet, you will definitely not have a problem with your health or weight.

This is a quote from former FDA Investigator Arthur M. Evangelista:

"The problems with aspartame include not only the biochemical nature of this toxin but also it sheds light on the political nature of the players involved. What I can tell you, regarding toxicology, histology and biochemistry, is that aspartame is neurotoxic. Its components easily transcend the blood-brain barrier, interfering with normal nerve cell function. This affects the glutathione and calcium mechanisms in place, destroying nerve call integrity. The methanol then breaks down into formaldehyde-formic acid components, which denaturizes/mutates the DNA: a known scientific fact. The subsequent result from this interaction and from isolates of genetically modified amino acids, the methanolHealth Fitness Articles, is nerve cell necrosis and subsequent organ system degradation."

This deadly substance and any similar should be avoided like the plague..

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Dave Jales is an outspoken advocate of a healthy lifestyle, an avid martial artist and all around fitness nut. Currently he is studying to become a personal trainer. For a fantastic guide to proper nutrition and fitness check out for your FREE report. Find out the Naked Truth About Losing Weight here

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