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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Baby Colic Remedies for Stressed Out Parents

Nothing can tear the heart out of a parent like watching their child hurting and being unable to stop it. While baby colic only affects 2 out of 10 infants and is a benign medical condition, if you are one those 4 parents who child is suffering colic can be horrible.

The crying, the stress and frustration can all come to a boiling point that can erupt into shouting matches, fights or maybe even violence. This article will investigate all the best baby colic remedies for children plus offer stressed out parents their “own” remedies for colic.

Baby Colic Remedies

Remedies for colic have been around a very long time, since the first primitive people huddled together in under straw huts. And for just as long parents have felt bad and thought that they were the blame for their baby’s problems.

First off this is not true. So stop feeling guilty! No matter what baby colic remedies you try out, the most important thing you can do for both you and your baby is to relax and understand that you are not at fault. Colic is not the fault of bad parenting, or anything else you may have did or didn’t do. Actually many medical professionals now think that colic is just part of some babies development process.

If even you are going everything right (which no human parent can do since none of us are perfect) no single remedy for colic works for all babies or every time. In fact a study of baby colic remedies which centered on parenting skills proved that parents who spent as much as 15-16 hours a day, holding and cuddling their child, had the same number of colicky episodes as parents who a more limited schedule.

Some common remedies for colic:

  • Holding, rocking or singing to colicky babies sometimes soothes (but doesn’t always stop) the savage beast of excessive crying and fussing.

  • Give them a pacifier. Some children like sucking on a nicely made pacifier when they don’t feel well. You can use one that has been chilled in ice water or dipped in colic gripe water.

  • Make sure everything is taken care of with baby. Do the basics: put on clean, dry diapers, feed them and supply plenty of water or juice. This will reassure you that everything is alright and help calm the baby if something has gone on undetected.

Remedies For Stressed Parents

Put the baby down in a nice, safe place and step away. I mean it. Walk away for a small break in another room. Keeping your cool is not easy but necessary. Okay, deep down in your darkest heart sometimes when your child is on their third hour of non-stop screamingPsychology Articles, you get a terrible urge to do something...something really bad.  Of course you never do anything.

But feeling “hateful” sometimes is perfectly normal. Even people destined for sainthood sometimes have hostile thoughts toward people and children they love. But you have to remember that the right thing to do is to learn how to cope with the baby's crying calmly and rationally.

The best remedies for colic is to remember that the baby’s job is to cry…your job as a parent is learning hoe to cope with the crying in a mature and calm way.

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