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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Back Pain

Back Pain-

Are You Suffering From A Lower Back Pain? If the answer is yes, then please continue reading and you will find a way to get rid of Lower Back Pain. If you just want to learn the exercises for the treatment of Back Pain,

Are You Suffering From A Lower Back Pain? If the answer is yes, then please continue reading and you will find a way to get rid of Lower Back Pain. If you just want to learn the exercises for the treatment of Back Pain, then you can directly jump to the Exercises selection. However I will suggest that you should continue reading the whole article in order to find the causes of Back Pain and tips on how you can prevent such pain from occurrence in the future. Importance of Back BoneHave you ever thought about the importance of human Back Bone? I believe most of the people donít have much time to think about the importance that Back bone has of all human beings.

If you are thinking that what is the importance that I am talking about? Then here is your answer. Have you seen a Human Skeleton? What connects the human body lower than the Hip Bone to the upper part? Between Hip Bone and Rips, there are no supporting bones. Human body is standing on bones structure. The only bone supporting all the upper body and connecting it to the Hip Bone is the Back Bone. The joint between Back Bone and the Hip Bone is the strongest joint in human body. If you stand straight and bend down to touch your feet with our fingers, and then you go straight again. Doing this exercise will give you an idea about how much work our Back Bone do. All the weight above our Hip Bone is supported only by the Back Bone. There is no other connection other than the Back Bone between the Hip Bone and the upper body.

People do not much care about their Back Bone and do things that can cause Lower Back Pain. Cure For lower Back Pain Letís talk about myself, why am I writing about Back pain and why I have created this site? Well the answer is that I am one the people who does not care about their Back Bone and ends in a disaster. When my age was 21, I didnít knew about the extreme importance of Back Bone. I never had a Lower Back Pain or a Upper Back Pain when I was 21. So I did few things that I canít forget for my whole life and the reason is that I can still feel the Back Pain caused by doing those wrong things. If you are thinking that what are those Things? Then here is the answer.

First of all, I went to the Gym to build a good body shape. That Gym didnít had a qualified instructor and most of the people used to do wrong exercises. There was no body to teach me or any one else. I had and I still have a thin body, thatís why I lifted very small weights in the Gym. I used to go to the Gym with a friend of mine that was also my partner in the exercises. My friend was a smart guy capable of lifting weights that were four times greater than mine. It was hard to manage two different sets of exercises for both of us, as I couldnít lift his weights, but we went to the Gym for about 2 months. So where the things do got wrong? Both of us had separate weights for all the exercises but one day when I was doing the exercise for the Wings that is called the T, I decided not to change the weight that my partner was lifting.

So, first of all I lifted weight that was at least four times greater than the normal weight that I used to lift. Secondly, from the very first day, I was doing all the exercises in wrong positions including the T exercise. After few days, I suddenly felt ill and Lower Back Pain Started. At that time, I could stand for a long time because of the Back Pain. I consulted my doctor for the Treatment for Back Pain but he took this matter very lightly and didnít guide me properly. After few days rest, my Back Pain seemed to be cured and I began to do the normal activities again. I never thought about my standing, sitting and sleeping postures. To be honest, all of my postures were not bad but were terrible. Other than the postures, I lifted heavy things in wrong positions. So, what I want to say is that I did all those things to my Back that made it cry for sure. One day while I was playing a Game, I made a full stretch dive on concrete floor. I was totally air bone for some time before I hit the floor. First of all, my hands hit the floor, then my body above the Hip Bone hit the floor and in the endComputer Technology Articles, the remaining part of my body hit the floor.

My body was very much unbalanced at the time when I hit the floor and thatís why a severe Back Pain started because of this accident. I then start to research about Back Bone and realized that I didnít respected Back Bone well. I researched the internet and found ways to Cure Back Pain and how we can take care of our Back Bone.

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