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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Birth Control Pill - Protection Against Pregnancy

Women for long have been trying various contraceptive methods for prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptive pills have been proven to be the most effective method. Read further to learn more about the various pills available.

Contraception is fast getting settled into people’s mind, which is very important for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Earlier and until recently, condoms were the major form of contraception used by couples in order to prevent pregnancy. However, this one contraception method has proven to be inadequate in preventing unplanned pregnancy. With the introduction of hormonal contraceptive methods, things improved a bit. Women could take charge of their sex life as hormonal contraceptive methods are to be taken by women. The three hormonal contraceptive methods are oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive patches and contraceptive rings.

The oral contraceptive pills have been the most popular of the three methods mentioned above. However, recent researches prove that the other two methods are gaining popularity at a faster pace as well. An oral contraceptive pill consist of synthetic female hormone, with the help of which they prevent you from getting pregnant. The oral birth control pills can either be combination pills or mini-pills. This division is carried out on the basis of synthetic female hormones present in the pills. A combination pill is the one which has two synthetic female hormones as its active ingredients. A mini-pill on the other hand has a single synthetic female hormone, the progestogen.

Microgynon pill is one of the most popular and commonly used combination pills. It consists of ethinylestradiol a synthetic oestrogen, and levonorgestrel a synthetic progestogen, as its active ingredients. This pill has been proven to be almost 99% effective in protecting women against unplanned pregnancy. This birth control pill works in three different ways for preventing pregnancy. Firstly, it tricks your body into believing that ovulation has already occurred so as to prevent the production of an egg. Secondly, it thickens the cervical mucus in your womb for preventing sperm from entering and fertilising an egg.

And lastly, Microgynon alters the womb lining so as to prevent an egg from attaching and growing further. Another popular combination pill that is used by women across the globe is Qlaira. This pill is a multiphasic pill, which means that the dosage of oestrogen to be taken remains the same throughout, while there are multiple dosages of progestogen that you are to take. The purpose behind taking multiple progestogen dosages is to imitate your natural progestogen cycle as closely as possible. Qlaira pill has been proven to be almost 100% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy. You are required to take this pill for all 28 days of your menstrual cycle.

Dianette is also a popular combination birth control pill used by women. This pill consists of ethinylestradiol, synthetic oestrogen and cyproterone acetate, synthetic progestogen as its active ingredient. Dianette pill has been proven to be almost 100% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy in women. You are required to take this pill for up to 21 days of your 28 day menstrual cycle with a break of seven days in between. This pill can be taken by women who are 18 year of age or above. HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, Dianette pill should be avoided by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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