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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilian bikini waxing can be a very enjoyable experience if you know what to expect and prepare yourself ahead of time. Read all about what you need to do to get the most out of this great experience.

Body waxing is body waxing, you say. It's all the same thing, pain and
discomfort. If you've had one body wax, then you've had them all. Well
that's not particularly true. There is the Brazilian bikini wax. This is a
very popular hair removal procedure that has been around since the late
1980's. It's different because it involves total hair removal from the
front, back and in between the genital area. If you have never experienced
this type of grooming before, then read the comments below which explain the
steps used for the ultimate in hair elimination.

Step 1
Before going in to have a brazilian bikini wax, you should have 1/4 inch of
pubic hair grown for the wax to grab onto.

Step 2
Once you are inside your private room, you will be asked to disrobe and you
will lie on top of clean tissue paper or sheets. You can ask for a covering
if you need one.

Step 3
Talcum powder will be applied to your skin. It keeps hot wax from sticking
to your skin.

Step 4
A wooden waxing stick will be dipped into a pot of hot wax which will be
spread onto your pubic hair and skin.

Step 5
A cloth strip will be applied over the warm wax and the applicator will
press firmly on the cloth so the hair and wax adhere to it.

Step 6
Once the wax has cooled, the applicator will pull the strip off in the
opposite direction of the growth of hair. It will pull the hairs out by the

Step 7
This entire process will be repeated until all hair in the genital region
and between the buttocks is removed.

Step 8
Once the waxing process has been completed, the applicator will take
tweezers and remove any additional unwanted hairs that remain. If you want,
tell the applicator if you want a specific design before all hair is

Step 9
Once all hair has been removed, the applicator will apply soothing lotion to
your skin. You might walk a little funny afterwards but by the time you get
home, you should be feeling comfortable again.

SeeFeature Articles, it's just that simple. You should typically get a brazilian bikini wax
once a month or at least whenever you have at least 1/4 pubic hair grown.
You will feel extremely clean and beautiful. You can wear your super skimpy
microbikini thong without any fear of unwanted hair strays. Good luck and

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