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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Breast Augmentation and Exercise

Women considering breast augmentation surgery can easily continue to exercise after the procedure. They will need to choose the right cup size and give themselves time to recover before jumping back into exercise, but they can exercise after the procedure.

Women who are seeking a more beautiful figure through breast augmentation are often the same ones who care enough about their physical appearance to spend hours in the gym working on their shape. Many wonder whether or not the surgery will impact their ability to maintain their exercise regimen. After all, the implants are placed under the pectorals muscle, and the implants change the proportions of the body, creating weight where there once wasn’t any, and this can throw off an athlete’s balance.

The truth is that breast augmentation will have some affect on an individual’s ability to exercise and perform well at sports, but the size of the implant has the greatest effect. Small changes, such as going from a AA cup to a B cup, will create dramatic looking results, but will have very little impact on an athletes ability to perform, especially if the new cup size is in proportion to her body.

Some sports that are directly impacted by the breast augmentation procedure are those that require the athlete to reach across the chest repeatedly. For instance, the swing movements in golf or tennis both require this motion. An athlete will find the presence of implants noticeable when making these motions, and if the implants are particularly large, they may impact performance. Competitive swimmers may also have a problem with increased drag if they choose large implants.

If a woman chooses implants that are too large for her frame during her procedure, she may experience problems like back, neck, and shoulder pain. The pull of this weight may be magnified if the woman regularly jumps or runs during exercise. The main way to prevent this problem is to wear properly supportive undergarments.

Of course, immediately after surgery, women who have breast augmentation will need to rest and not perform their regular exercise routine. The incisions and muscles around the implants need time to heal. Most women will not want to exercise during this time, however, because they will be tired and in pain from the surgery.

For the most part, recreational athletes and those who exercise for the physical fitness benefit do not struggle to continue exercising after this procedure. While the implants do add some weight, they are filled with silicone or saline, not lead, and therefore the weight is not a tremendous burden. They are naturally buoyant, so women who regularly exercise in the water will not find them a problem.

The key to continuing to exercise after breast augmentation surgery is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Ask your doctor for his or her advice about choosing an implant size that works with your frame. Do not give into the temptation to get implants that are overly large for your frame. During your recovery, avoid the temptation to do too much too quickly. If you give your body time to rest and recover and gradually ease back into your workout routineArticle Submission, you will be able to exercise just fine with your new curves.

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