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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Carpal Tunnel Facts v Fiction

Carpal tunnel is quite a widespread hand disease, but not all hand discomfort should be interpreted as an indicator of the condition. People often experience momentary discomfort or prickling feelings in their hands and fingers, and immediately attribute these feelings to carpal tunnel. Yes, these sensations can sometimes be indicators of the condition, but they are hardly a certain diagnosis of it. 

There are quite a few misconceptions concerning C.T.S., and this misinformation often result in people hastily starting more serious treatments than they may require. Here are some of the most pervasive carpal tunnel misconceptions that patients sometimes have about the disorder.
Myth #1: All Wrist Discomfort is a Sign of CTS Discomfort in the hand isn't necessarily a definite way to diagnose C.T.S. While patients who currently suffer from it will probably have a large amount of discomfort in their hands, others who have some sort of wrist pain shouldn't be quick to diagnose themselves with carpal tunnel. In reality, pain in the wrists might point to any of several hand diseases: arthritis or tendinitis are conditions that could require attention from a skilled hand specialist. In order to understand if your pain is a C.T.S indicator, your surgeon will examine your medical history before conducting diagnostic tests to determine your condition. Many physical therapists can even use electric impulse testing to find where your pain is, and what exactly is causing it.
Myth #2: Keyboard Use Is Responsible for Your Condition It's no question that the time that people spend at the keyboard - typing and clicking a mouse - has increased dramatically over the past generation, making many people say that keyboard use is the main culprit for C.T.S. But these people are guilty of confusing correlation with causation: although patients with carpal tunnel probably use computers often, that doesn't mean that increased technology use is the only source of their condition. Using a computer for hours on end will usually be uncomfortable, but it's not very likely that it is the only cause of your pain. Research suggests that the disease can be connected more strongly to repetitive work that involves stressful or unorthodox hand use for protracted periods of time (e.g. sewing, custodial work, assembly-line labor), and additional factors such as injury, pregnancy and diabetes.
Myth #3: It Occurs More Frequently in Men Since males are more strongly associated with the labor that has been linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, it is often thought that the affliction is found usually in the male population. Certainly there are a lot of of cases of C.T.S in men, but, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (N.I.N.D.S.), women are 3 times as likely to suffer from the problem than men. Consider this: the carpal tunnel is a narrow passage through which the arm's tissue, nerves and tendons travel to get to the hand; females are generally smaller, so the female carpal tunnel area is likewise smaller. Because of the size, the tiniest amount of swelling could trigger the signs associated with C.T.S. like numbness in the fingers (except the little finger), a burning in the hands and arms, or reduced strength.
Myth #4: Surgery is the Only Treatment Method Carpal tunnel release surgery is among the most frequently-performed surgeries ever - it's the best way to manage the pain and ensure that the affliction does not return in the future. That said, surgery is not necessarily the answer for each person who's experiencing the worst symptoms. Your physician should always thoroughly research conservative methods of treatment to treat your pain before suggesting that you receive surgical treatment. Surgery is always recommended for the most advanced cases of C.T.S, but there are plenty of techniques used for treating patients with moderate carpal tunnel.
The only way to thoroughly inform yourself of carpal tunnel facts is to speak with a medical professional. If you're in Texas, there are plenty of skilled Dallas hand surgeons who are glad to answer any of your questions about C.T.S.Article Search, and get you to the best treatment program for your disease.

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