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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatments

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or the Chronic Fatigue Dysfunction Syndrome is characterized by some symptoms that are often confused to be the result of high blood pressure or influenza. The person often fe...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or the Chronic Fatigue Dysfunction Syndrome is characterized by some symptoms that are often confused to be the result of high blood pressure or influenza. The person often feels fatigued for long periods of time, with muscle cramps, severe headache, nausea and other symptoms that are not cured by long rests. Even the fatigue suffered by individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is debilitating and prolonged leading to a gradual decrease in the person\'s ability to perform even daily activities due to tiredness.

A physician can be consulted in case an individual suspects Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms. A complete physical examination reveals the disease although in lesser cases than more physical examination is just not enough to trace it. The symptoms that are present in an individual suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be the result of a lot other reasons, such as: addiction to drugs; high blood pressure; viral or bacterial infections; other diseases related to muscles, joints, nerves, intestines, or the digestive system; immune disorder; mental illness; cancer; tumors; and more. Therefore all these must be ruled out before concluding that the disease plaguing the patient is indeed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is because there is no one test that would confirm Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in an individual.

One disadvantage of this disease is that there is no permanent cure. Treatments would lessen the feeling of tiredness to a large extent along with providing relief from all the other symptoms and the patient would be able to continue with the ordinary daily tasks. However, no long term treatment has yet been discovered as a complete cure for this dreadful disease that saps one of strength, leaving the sufferer as weak as a new born baby.

Depression, anxiety, joint, muscle pains, fever, and so on can be treated temporarily with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs or temporary painkillers. Even the viral and bacterial infections raiding the body can be cured to a certain extent. They can help the body fight the infection as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome usually results in a bad immune system. However, taking in a lot of medication can give rise to further complications that might not be exactly related to the disease.

If the disease is detected while in early stages, then exercise and an active life can help keep the disease at bay to a certain extent. However, this disease is hard to detect until it reaches an advanced stage where in the patient is even unable to perform daily tasksPsychology Articles, let alone exercise the body.

It is advised to take prescription medication although a number of alternative medications are available. This is because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reduces the immunity of the whole body and a medicine that does not suit the body might cause reactions that are not always favorable to the body. A physician would be able to help decide the proper medication so a consultation with a physician is a must in a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition.

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