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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Cure your Asthma the Naturopathic Way

 Even if your undergoing medical treatment (traditional or not traditional)  always keep your inhaler with you. If you feel better  and your asthma attacks haven’t occurred for a while it doesn't mean you can't have a severe asthma attack.  Asthma can kill!!  In this article I will describe how Naturopathy can help your asthma and even cure it. 

Cure you Asthma the Naturopathic Way

#Word of advice - keep your inhaler with you at all times.

 Even if your undergoing medical treatment (traditional or not traditional)  always keep your inhaler with you. If you feel better  and your asthma attacks haven’t occurred for a while it doesn't mean you can't have a severe asthma attack.  Asthma can kill!!

#What is Asthma?
 Basically asthma is a chronic, incurable (as claimed by modern medicine) disease that inflames and narrows your airways. The Causes for asthma are unknown but there are findings to suggest that asthma can be caused by hereditary factors and environmental triggers such as allergies.  Asthma symptoms can cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. In modern medicine asthma is treated with two types of medicines:  preventive or long-term control medicines witch reduce airway inflammation and prevent asthma symptoms and quick-relief medicine which is used to relief the immediate systems of asthma attack.
#How can Naturopathy help your Asthma?
Well, first of all naturopathic can not only help to relief your asthma but it can cure it as well. Asthma is not incurable as deemed by traditional medicine and with proper treatment can and will be cured.

#Cure for all 
There is no "common" cure for asthma that can be prescribed and will cure each and every one who reads this article. Naturopathy constitutes that there is no "common" remedy or medication that can be prescribed, all of us are unique and our uniqueness should be taken in to consideration in every aspect of the healing process as performed by the practitioner. The same remedy in one patient can cause an immediate relief of the asthma attack, in another it can lead to a grave outcome. Therefore every patient requires a careful and comprehensive diagnosis before applying individually prescribed treatment.

#Understand the basics 
To understand how asthma is treated first you must understand what naturopathy is. Naturopathy as a medical doctrine stands on number of pillars which form the basis of the naturopathic method. Understand them and you will get a good understanding of how naturopathy treats asthma and disease in general.
These are the Pillars: 

1.       Body's power to heal.The body has a unique ability to self-heal.  Physician's role is to facilitate this process and remove any obstacles that may impair it.

2.      Treat the cause, not the symptoms.Every illness has it source, it is important find he real cause of the disease and only then a full recovery of the body can be achieved, treating only the symptoms won't get you anywhere except maybe a temporarily relief. That is one of the reasons why diagnosis is so important, only with a comprehensive diagnosis of the whole body considering both physical and physiological factors you can find out the real cause.  

3.      Treat the whole body and not a part of it.Disease, asthma for example is not a condition of your airways but is condition of your whole body. Consequently, you must treat a whole individual taking all of the factors and their interactions with each other into account.  

4.       We are all unique.
Each individual is individual. We are all different from one another,  you can't treat two individuals with the same remedy. Our uniqueness should be taken in to account when approaching every patient.  

5.      Prevention, prevention and more prevention
Medicine all medicine traditional and non-traditional should be focused first of all on preventing the disease. This is accomplished by adopting patient's life style so it promotes good health and minimizes the risk of encountering risk factors that can lead to an outbreak.          #Ingredients for Health
     Based on the pillars above, treatment of asthma and most of the illnesses include four major  ingredients    which are used simultaneously to achieve the desired effect.  1.      Nutrition: not a diet in its regular meaning but more restriction from certain foods.  2.      Daily procedures:  for example daily exercises to strengthen your lungs.3.       Herbal medicine4.      Lifestyle: mostly daily routines, like number of meals a dayFree Reprint Articles, number of hours of sleep. Long walks on the beach can sometimes also be prescribed.

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I am a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine with over 20 years of experience in the field. My first incounter with Naturopathy was in one of the monasteries in Tibet, where I was treated for my illnesess. After I was cured I decided to become a practitioner and stayed there to learn the tools of the trade. Today, when I don't travel the world in search of ways to expand me knowledge, I treat patients in my naturopathic clinic in Kazakhstan in the city of Alma-ata.

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