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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Day 232

Thoughts: Chaos and more chaos? We were given the use of frequency to diagnose and heal disease by Raymond Royal Rife. Again the technology was rejected, and frequency technologies were used for harm ...

Thoughts: Chaos and more chaos? 
We were given the use of frequency to diagnose and heal disease by Raymond Royal Rife. Again the technology was rejected, and frequency technologies were used for harm instead. Many others came with great technology, which was not allowed to be developed, or used instead to create problems, often in the name of greed.
The "Hidden Hand" and its minions that have run this world will see the results of its actions. There is always cause and effect. In fact, many of the Hidden Hand" have been removed and before us in every country, stand their puppets, who are not particularly efficient and organized, and are falling into greater disorganization before our very eyes.
The chaos will in all likelihood produce disease. The dark have laid plans for some time now for the reduction of population and these are fully in place. This is not the work of "God." Poor health will increase dramatically from the polluted, artificial food consumption. Many organisms have been introduced into water supplies. Food has been genetically altered to produce ill health, and also to cause food supplies to dwindle.
Author of, "This summer I planted 3 tomato plants, enough to provide tomatoes for my personal needs for an entire year, if I canned and froze the excess. They are genetically damaged, producing tomatoes small and with ugly brown spots on them. The plants are not healthy. I will not eat these tomatoes, the few of them that there are, because I don't know how they have been genetically contaminated. This is the second batch of tomato plants I have tried to grow in the last three years. I bought these, rather than starting them from seed.
I have had genetic problems with the new corn too, and with squashes. Last year the squashes I love so much that I purchase in the grocery store had a bad taste, almost every single on, from either genetic manipulation or poor growing conditions. Many of you know that terminator genes have been introduced into plants that prevent the farmer from gathering his own seed and replanting with it. These genes are spreading to other plants by normal pollination procedures in nature. Nothing is safe anymore. Human genes have been introduced into plants, and I doubt that this is a healthy thing to do. Weather changes are affecting food production also."
Obviously chaotic events like massive earthquakes with resultant tsunamis leave survivors that pass this plane from lack of food, illness, depression, fear, lack of protective housing and related survival problems. The past two years has seen a small decimation of population from earthquakes and weather problems of well over 1 million people. And to war, not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Africa also, maybe another couple million have left this plane.
Add to this list the growing number of deaths from AIDS, a created disease given through small pox and hepatitis vaccines. Many are dying now, from the bad food and medicines that kill. Diabetes is wide spread in the USA, and also heart disease and cancers. We are in a depopulation mode already.
Chaos is not a bad thing; it only seems so. Life is chaos. Planets constantly change as they form, and then become balanced so that life may be implanted. Life survives, by surviving the continuing and never ending chaos, always solving the problems in front of it.
Our modern world lacks redundancy.
In the quest for complexity, specialization and profit, our modern civilization has completely forgotten about redundancy. There is almost no slack in the systems that deliver your food, fuel, electricity, water or consumer products. That means if something goes wrong, even for a little while, you'll need to depend on yourself to provide these things. Yet how many people have the ability to provide all these essentials for themselves -- disconnected from the grid -- for even as little as one weekend?
Very few, it turns out. And that leads to one giant, disturbing realization: When the next great disruption occurs, the vast majority of the population will panic. That's because they're unprepared. They have unknowingly bet their lives on the reliability of just-in-time delivery systems and complex infrastructure interdependencies. When the water stops flowing, or the electricity goes off, or the gasoline runs out, they literally will have no idea what to do.
The very idea that such a thing could happen will be entirely foreign to them. It's as if they've all been living in The Truman Show (a Jim Carey film, one of my favorites) then suddenly the veil is lifted and they're shown the real world. In the real world, water doesn't just automatically flow through your pipes. Fuel doesn't materialize into existence out of nowhere. Food isn't mysteriously teleported to your local store each night while you sleep. In the real world, food, fuel, energy and water all depend on a long, intricate web of interdependent processes, and there isn't a person living today who truly understands the complexity of those dependencies.
In essence, we are all living a civilization experiment. It's an experiment that asks the question, "What happens if we all become specialists and give up our redundancies in the pursuit of higher specialized production?"
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Challenges: Remembering gratitude. Selfish me! And unconditionally loving my self! 
Triumphs: A complete fruit day! Feels great! 
What I Ate Today:
Food fest 1: Strawberries.
Food fest 2: Cherries.
Food fest 3: A avocado. 
Food fest 4: A Peach. 
Food fest 5: More cherries :)
Food fest 6: Another avocado :) 
Exercise: A little walking, talkingPsychology Articles, chilling :) I was with Christoper Schrack (director) and Justin Tully (actor) today chatting about our next film 'Long Weekend'! We start shooting in October :)

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Liana Werner-Gray’s idea of eating only foods naturally provided by the earth began in Australia, following her Miss Earth Australia 2009 People’s Choice win. With the environment in mind and health of the world population, she pursued the idea of eating only foods that nature intended for 365 days. Werner-Gray started a daily online blog to share her journey with the world. She began the diet on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

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