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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Dentist: Helping Restore Optimal Oral Health

Tooth decay can cause long term health complications and tooth extraction in itself can cause other unrelated problems such as alteration of jaw structure and speech-related issues. Experienced dentists recommend implant surgery to help in creating lasting dentures and crown fittings thus helping restore optimal teeth functioning.

Tooth decay can be distressing and can wreak havoc on your general health. While tooth extraction provides temporary relief, your dentist may recommend dental implants to help resolve the undesirable effects of tooth decay such as reduced teeth function and speech problems.

Why Dental Implants
A dental implant is actually a complete tooth root replacements and can help mount a permanent substitute if the entire teeth is decayed. Root canal procedures are another option for those with infected or severely decayed teeth, although in many cases a dental implant may be inevitable. Implants involve insertion of a metal rod into the jawbone to help create the base for a false tooth to be inserted. A single implant can offer enough support for one or several false teeth depending on the jaw structure and the type of teeth being replaced. The metal shaft acts as a base to help secure any additional dentures or crowns thus providing a resilient foundation on to which fixed and even removable replacement dentures can be safely mounted. Implants are typically designed with titanium, since the human body is receptive to this non-reactive metal. Implants slowly get almost fused with the jawbone becoming almost an integral part of the person.

Superficial dentures are not often reliable since sometimes they may be displaced or may move out of the original location. In such cases your dentist may suggest an implant is the best option to help anchor the denture or teeth crown. Implants can also help delay shrinking of jaw size and improving the general facial structure and appearance. Dental implants do not affect any of the adjacent teeth, unlike tooth bridges which may be supported by surrounding teeth causing some long-term alterations to the teeth structure and alignment.. In addition implants can help correct speech problems that poor-fitting dentures may cause. Dental implants offer individuals with infected or missing teeth the option to restore a natural-looking and functional set of teeth.

Implant Techniques
Considering the long-term oral health of the individual, implants may be a good alternative for those with irreparable tooth decay. Most dentists, however, recommend implants only for individuals with healthy gums and smokers are best advised to try other alternatives. Implants may also not be appropriate for diabetics and those with bone weakness or osteoporosis. If you are unsure about implants your dentist may even offer other effective alternative treatment or root canal procedures which can create a similar outcome depending on your dental condition. However consult your specialist first before deciding the right treatment option.†

X-ray and CT scans may be part of the pre-surgical preparations and provide the surgeon with specifics about the patientís jaw structure and alignment. The implant surgery is performed under the supervision of an experienced dental surgeon with a local anesthesia administered to create a localized numbness. Temporary bridges may be fitted in while you heal post surgery and complete dentures may replace these temporary fixtures at a later date.†

Before opting for the procedureHealth Fitness Articles, be sure to discuss any surgery-related concerns with your dentist. This includes any pre-surgical questions in terms of benefits and potential risk factors as well as precautions to be taken post surgery and expected recovery times. There is little doubt that implant surgery performed by a trained dental professional can be a vital tool to restoring oral health while enhancing overall teeth alignment and function.

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