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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Difference between glutathione and other antioxidants

Many trials and clinical validation show that glutathione can indeed supplement the inadequacy of human body. It fights against free radicals and eliminate many diseases.

Antioxidant substances which synthesize substances and play an antioxidant role in human body are called endogenous antioxidants. Glutathione is an endogenous antioxidant.

Exogenous antioxidants can not own synthesis in the human body created to enter the body through the digestive tract blood play the ability to prevent or to combat disease. Such as bioflavonoids substances. Now known to thousands of anti-oxidants, Ganoderma lucidum preparations of ginkgo biloba extract, propolis, tea phenol the Cordyceps class, marine biology, plant Ginseng, plant pollen, insects, beans, vegetable protein, animal, vitamin E, C, A, beta-carotene, selenium and other trace elements and other biological components. These are exogenous antioxidants.

Glutathione is small molecules in human body. Glutathione is a tiny little globulin is naturally present in all cells within the human body. In fact, life depends on glutathione, this versatile tripeptide is the most important body. Glutathione as a cellular anti-oxidant, reductant, catalysts, reagents and stabilizers, and participate in many biological processes such as running, metabolism, storage and defense, it is the basic material for human survival. Level of content in the human body directly affects human health and longevity. So people can buy glutathione to main their health.

Glutathione exists in the cytoplasm of the human body and other water-bearing cavities in water-soluble form. Intracellular glutathione content of the millimolar level, which is the highest concentration of antioxidants within the cells. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers, modern medicine, free radical aging is one of the main reasons of pathogenic. Antioxidant system in human cells, the most abundant and most important is glutathione, glutathione is the main force in the free radical scavenging. Glutathione not only those directly involved in scavenging free radicals, foreign anti-oxidants such as vitamins C and E play a regulatory role in maintaining the status of their activity Otherwise, the oxidation of vitamins will become the body of toxins and the accumulation of body the formation of new free radicals.

Other antioxidants of the glutathione can restore the reduction of anti-oxidants. Other antioxidants generally refers to the exogenous antioxidants such as vitamin C,, E, A, beta-carotene, selenium, heterogeneous biological compounds such as oxidized antioxidants to restore the reduced antioxidant to achieve repeat Use the coordination restored purposes. Glutathione is the endogenous antioxidant, glutathione can remove free radicals in human cells, while resistance against foreign radicals on the cells.

Exogenous antioxidants, mostly heterogeneous biological compounds. They are mainly the work on the human body through bio-flavonoids, anti-free radicals; but it is to play a role, it is necessary to play a role in the glutathione content of the human body can not be less than 40% of the normal, can acting on different parts of the body, basically does not have a systematic. It can not enter the intracellular scavenging to remove free radicals. Its ability is limited.

Exogenous antioxidants are substances that the body does not have. They can neutralize with free radicals in human body. If the oxidized substances are not restores to the reduced antioxidant by pharmaceutical raw materials glutathione, it will become garbage and accumulate in human body. And they will account for the normal space. Exogenous antioxidants only dependent on glutathione. On the one hand, it makes these oxidized antioxidants reduced to reduced anti-oxidants. They will be reused and achieve the purpose of coordination and restoration. On the other handHealth Fitness Articles, glutathione will neutralize the junks to water-soluble substances. They will be exerted from the body.Source:

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