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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Excuses for not Treating OSA

One common misconception we all have regarding our health is that a lack of symptoms means an absence of disease. This is especially true with sleep apnea. Often dubbed as the silent killer, sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea can deteriorate your health from a seemingly harmless snoring to graver conditions like diabetes and heart attack.

While sleep apnea symptoms manifest quite prominently in those suffering from the condition, we often tend to ignore them, dubbing them as simple lifestyle issues. Persistent snoring, waking up frequently at night for drinking water or visiting the bathroom, feeling sleepy all through the day, falling asleep during daytime - these are all glaring signs of sleep apnea. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should get yourself checked for sleep apnea immediately. Undergoing a sleep study and speaking to a sleep physician can help you find if you are suffering from sleep apnea. However, despite having knowledge about sleep apnea, most people are resistant to seeking treatment for poor sleep or sleep apnea.


The following are examples of excuses that people give for not seeking treatment for obstructive sleep apnea:


1) Snoring loudly is normal

“Snoring is not dangerous. It is only a sound.”

Snoring is the most common symptom for sleep apnea. It occurs when air is blocked from moving into the lungs, which leads to vibrations in the upper respiratory tract. Since the blockage deprives your body off oxygen, your brain kicks into action to restore breathing, resulting in increased pressure on the blood vessels and disruption of the body’s rejuvenation process. Over time, this can develop into various cardiovascular issues. Yet, many fail to realize that snoring could be the warning bell for sleep apnea, and thus fail to undergo treatment for sleep apnea so as to prevent more serious issues in the future.


2) Sleeping is not important

“It is only sleep.”

Who has time for sleep in this fast-paced world? When it comes to choosing between health and wealth, people readily choose the latter, and then cite lack of time as the excuse for not treating sleep apnea. What they don’t realize is that by giving up on sleep, they are also giving up on its various benefits. For instance, it is during sleep that the body releases growth hormones, consolidates memories, produces collagen and repairs muscles. When the quality of your sleep is poor such as in obstructive sleep apnea, you will experience irritation, daytime sleepiness and tiredness. These are all contributing factors to high blood pressure and diabetes. If you are already diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea may exacerbate your condition.


3) Mask Difficulties

“It is not possible to sleep with a mask on the face.”

Research has found CPAP therapy to be effective in treating sleep apnea. It entails wearing a mask over your face, while a hose gently blows air into your lungs. Patients who have adopted CPAP have experienced significant relief in their sleep apnea. However, there are still many people who find it difficult to sleep with a mask over the face. This can simply be an issue of learning to wear the mask properly, ensuring that it doesn’t fit too loosely or tightly. A sleep physician can teach you how to use the CPAP machine correctly. This will help you acquire the positive effects of this therapy and tackle your sleep apnea. As you begin to get a restful sleep, you will be reinforced even further to wear the CPAP mask.


4) Cost

“It’s probably too expensive.”

The cost of CPAP therapy is probably a major deterrent for most people and the most widely used excuse for not seeking therapy for sleep apnea. If you look at how much money the CPAP machine will save you in terms of hospital and doctor visits and medications related to high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, then the cost of the machine won’t seem as much. More importantly, CPAP therapy will enable you to overcome sleep apnea, thus guarding you from various diseases and prolonging the quality of your life.

If you adopt any of the excuses mentioned above and fail to take action against your obstructive sleep apnea, you are likely to experience many health issues down the road. Visit a sleep physician today and undergo a sleep test. It could save your life!

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This article has been posted on behalf of Sleep Solutions for awareness of sleep apnea. Sleep Solutions is a healthcare site, educating people about symptoms, causes and treatments for sleep apnea and related health conditions.

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