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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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From Fat to Fitness: Nutrition Myths Busted.

Increasing weight problem is alarming everyone all around the globe. There is no one happy about the way they look and their weight. Thus, there are so many techniques and diets to ensure weight loss....

Increasing weight problem is alarming everyone all around the globe. There is no one happy about the way they look and their weight. Thus, there are so many techniques and diets to ensure weight loss. Only if you would look at the internet you would see that there is so much of information available that one really doesn’t know what to follow. The information from sources which are not regulated like the internet could be spreading wrong facts about diet, weight loss and other nutritional facts. The top nutritional myths that one needs to be cautioned about are:

1-There are certain foods that are said to have negative calorie value. Some of these foods falling under that list would be celery, cucumber or grapefruits. This is a myth. These food need to be chewed better and that burns calories but that doesn’t mean that these would burn the fats. Hence, consuming these foods would not help you burn the fats; though, these could help stopping the further accumulation of fats.

2-Eating mini meals would help you lose weight. This is a myth again. Either you eat 3 meals a day or eat 10 meals a day – as long as you are eating healthy and your calorie intake of the day is not exceeding the amount that you could burn with daily activities or the exercising regime that you might have – you would be quite in shape. Eating 3 meals or 6 mini meals would not make a difference.

3-The fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than the frozen one – this is incorrect. The word fresh here is quite relative. Nowadays the fruits and vegetables are well harvested, processed and packed. This would ensure that their nutrients remain intact at that initial point when these were fresh. At the same time what you pick from the grocery store, are not as fresh as they might look. From the time of harvest till the time they reach the grocery store and till you buy and prepare them the nutrients are lost. Though, no doubt that the taste and texture of the fresh fruits and vegetable is better than the processed one.

4-There are positive and negatives about coffee due to the presence of caffeine. The biggest myth around coffee would be that the decaf has no caffeine.

5-Preferring margarine over butter. As butter can increase the bad cholesterol in the body, people switch to margarine instead – considering that to be a healthier choice. This is a myth. In fact margarine affects the health even more. It not only increases the bad cholesterol levels but at the same time it decreases the good cholesterol levels.

6-Bananas are fatty. This is a myth or rather it is an over exaggerated one. You need to have six average sized bananas to equal the calorie intake of a New York style pizza. In fact, this is a good food to better you immune system.

Like the above there are many more myths about the nutrients. It is very important that before you follow a diet or undertake health regimeBusiness Management Articles, the information followed should be from the right resources so that you are not blinded by the nutritional myths like mentioned above.

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