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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Glutathione and whitening

When talking about glutathione, people know that it can enhance effectiveness of the immune system, nourish the liver and protect the liver.

In fact, the charming elements glutathione is a particularly effective anti-oxidant supplement with the functions of capturing free oxygen radicals, restoring melanin and promoting the role of collagen synthesis. Glutathione also can effectively enhance the ability of skin to against sun damage.

Skin care can not be separated from the skin whitening and flexibility. The main factors that directly affect the skin whitening and flexibility can be divided into three aspects: First, free oxygen radicals, melanin, is collagen. Medical research shows that human negative emotions such as stress, the role of anger, fear, etc., will produce too much oxygen free radicals. Roaming of oxygen free radicals in the body, damage to any contact with the cells and tissues, and the role of enzymes in the human body system, resulting in the release of collagenase and elastase, resulting in the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and vesicles. Cosmetic elements astaxanthin is absorbed through the gastrointestinal transport with the blood to the body tissues of oxygen free radicals in the cells and between cells in liquid environment, capture, removal, to minimize free radical damage to the skin.

The skin color depends on the melanin content of skin. The root causes of the formation of melanin are tyrosinase. Tyrosine its role within the melanocytes dopa quinone is oxidized to form eumelanin, the formation of melanin to gradually reach the surface of the skin with the skin of normal metabolism, the last and the aging of the skin with natural peeling. If the skin metabolism is not smooth, it will lead to a lot of pigmentation, and gathered in the local skin color will deepen the formation of spots. Therefore, inhibiting tyrosinase biosynthesis and sunscreen is the key to whitening. Elements glutathione can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, blocking melanin production, and improve the skin dull. Of course, restore melanin to a colorless state and can not guarantee that from this will no longer generated. Really want to whiten, in addition to tretinoin supplementary elements glutathione, can inhibit the formation of melanin composition and effective sun protection.

In the skin whitening, how to make the skin maintaining flexibility becomes a key indispensable problem. The skin dermis contains large amounts of collagen in. It gives the skin strength and can maintain the structure of the skin. The substance intertwining among the collagen is elastic fibers and it makes the skin elastic. The flexibility of collagen and elastic fibers changes under the oxidation impact. At this time, the tissue glutathione can play its role of antioxidant and anti-aging. It enhances collagen production and plays a wrinkle effect. So, for the one who wants to make the skin naturally white, beautiful and moisturePsychology Articles, a rich supply of glutathione is required.


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