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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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How to lose 50 pounds without much effort

There is no shortcut if you want healthy weight loss. The fact you can lose 50 pounds in 6 months and it is healthy, but you have to do a lot more effort than a year.

As the topic stated above, you want to lose weight without much effort. The best way to do that is making a long term plan. You must take it easy; you donít have to put a lot of effort. Doesnít it sound good to be true?

I have heard you said that you couldnít reach your goal. You canít keep continue your plan. Youíre frustrated. You canít follow the diet plan you made, bah bah bahÖ First thing you need to do is stop blaming yourself for anything, it is not your fault. There is really no one can stick on diet forever. Itís not your eating pattern. You can do that short time. You lose weight, after stop doing it, your weight gain back to normal again or even more. You did put a lot of effort in order to reach your goal, but once you are there, you reward yourself. You are back to your eating pattern. Losing weight temporary is not difficult, but in term of permanent is not that easy. Today I am going to tell you how to lose 50 pounds without a lot of effort.

Itís the easiest way you have ever heard about. You have never realized that a little change each day could make a huge different in a long term. You will learn the concept of losing weight. You wonít be stressed and you can keep your eating pattern, just need a little bit of change everyday, but it wonít effect you much, while you still eat the same but a little bit change in order to lose weight. You canít expect anything to happen if you still do 100% as usual, what I am telling you is just move it down to 90%, so you wouldnít see much different and you can keep doing it for long term.

In order to lose 50 pounds a year, you just want to lose 4 pounds a month. It means 1 pounds a week. It is not that much to do, just a little change you can reach that goal. The very basic rule of weight loss is burning more than what you intake. If you can burn 500 calories more than what you intake everyday, then you can easily lose 50 pounds a year.

If you are the one who prefer exercise. 15-20 minutes exercise can burn 150 calories, so if you exercise a bit over an hour everyday, you can reduce 1 pound a week (50 pounds a year) without changing your eating habit(your eating must not lead your weight gain). If you eat more than what you burn then itís impossible for weight loss.

You have to choose wisely what match you best. Find the best way that suits your thinking concept. If you donít like exercise then you just have to reduce your food intake by 500 calories per day, but instead you must have to do exercise not less than 1 hour a day, while you still eat the same.

Ok, you might not want to exercise, or change eating habit. It is so difficult for you to stick the thing you feel like it is a must, you are not comfortable doing it, so what you need to do is do whatever you can to burn those 500 calories a day. You can either replace all the sodas and juices they normally drink, with pure water,† the other thing you can do is to increase your daily physically activity, this doesn't mean that you have to do a lot of workout or hard exercise, just gradually increase your physical activity:

- Exercise 15 minutes after getting up, you can burn like 150 calories.

- Park your car 10 minutes by walk to your office; you can burn extra 50-100 calories, depending on the speed of your walking.†

- Walk back to your car park after finish work burn another extra 50-100 calories.

- Use stairs instead of lift, this does not mean you that you have to use the stairs all the wayFree Articles, just in the last 2nd-3rd floor. It really can help you burn extra calories.

See? Only a little change each day you make can lead you to a big weight loss in the end. You donít need to put of a lot effort in order to do that. You just need a very little bit change of your lifestyle; even you wonít feel that you have to do that.

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