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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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How to Perform a Colon Cleanse

With all of the bad media about junk food, chemicals and poisons used in growing food, people of this era are beginning to take their health a little more serious. One of the most delicate body part that requires a lot of attention is the colon and a colon cleanse is recommended.

With all of the bad media about junk food, chemicals and poisons used in growing food, people of this era are beginning to take their health a little more serious. Some things that they do, such as changing their diet and exercising, are normal and logical. However, there are some other things coming to the forefront, such as the colon cleanse, that are a little farther off the radar than people are used to.

What is a Colon Cleanse?

 The colon cleanse originated in a well-known and ancient civilization, that of the Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians had a theory, and a worry in fact, that as people ate food and as it was digested, that over time some of the waste matter became stuck in the folds of the lower intestine and petrified, releasing toxins into the blood stream that left a person feeling fatigued, tired, and overall in bad health. This theory is called auto-intoxication. As such, the idea behind a colon cleanse is to clear out all of this hard, rotting fecal matter, and in doing so bring relief to the victim, as well as vitality and health. The Greeks later adopted this idea, and modified it slightly to fit into their own beliefs.

How to Perform a Colon Cleanse

Performing a colon cleanse isn’t really overly difficult. There are a few things that you should be careful of, but overall, it is a relatively simple and painless procedure. The primary way that many people have their colon cleansed is through going to a clinic. This is a simple procedure, though perhaps a little invasive for some. It involves the person laying on his or her stomach on a special chair. The practitioner then inserts a tube into the buttocks, and begins to pump water inside. Often this water is mixed with special herbs. After this, the practitioner massages the abdomen, inserts another tube, and removes the water. This entire process can be repeated a few times, with sessions often lasting an hour long.

Are There Other Types of Colon Cleansing Available?

Beyond this more famous type of colon cleanse, there are also other methods that are far less invasive. Another very popular method is called the oral method. This is quite simple and non-invasive. The process for this type of cleansing is this: one must first go to a pharmacy or clinic and find the pills that you need. Often, they will be dietary fibre supplements, combined with herbs, or sometimes laxatives. If you take laxatives just be careful, as too much can cause you to dehydrate, so be sure to drink lots of non-carbonated water as well. By taking these pills, the idea is that the mass of hardened fecal matter will be moved by the amount of fibre that you consume.

All in all, doing a regular colon cleanse every couple of months can be very good for your system. It stops the unwanted and harmful re-entry of toxins into your blood streamFind Article, and this leaves you feeling better than ever. 

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