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Friday, February 26, 2021
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How to Stop Facial Blushing in 3 Simple Steps

Being in an awkward situation is uncomfortable enough and people taking notice of it when your face starts to blush will just make things more uneasy. Do you want to know how to stop this from happening again? Then you have come to the right place.

Facial Blushing is one of the human body’s reactions to an embarrassing, awkward, or uncomfortable situation. This is a common occurrence in childhood and teen years. However, as you grow older, facial blushing becomes less evident as you grow more confident. But if you are still experiencing facial flushing far more than just the casual “crush blush” then, you have uncontrollable and excessive facial blushing.

Before you try to stop facial redness, you should learn what causes it so you would know what to target. Excessive facial blushing is most likely caused by anxiety. Anxiety is a psychological feature of the body. So that means that for you to put a stop on your facial blushing, you have to aim for the things that trigger your anxiety. If you wish to say bye-bye to this condition for good then we have just what you need. There are three simple steps to reduce anxiety and prevent facial blushing at the same time.

1. Limit the intake of substances that can trigger facial blushing. Anxiety and stress are the major factors that activate excessive redness of the face. But there are foods and substances that can fire up your blushing reflex resulting to uncontrollable facial flushing. The intake of foods such as caffeine, hot and spicy foods should be limited. Substances like alcohol and nicotine should also be reduced because they contribute in the uncontrollable reddening of the face. These foods and substances interrupt with the body’s blood flow resulting to your face going red. 

2. Know the different relaxation techniques. As mentioned above, the primary factor of facial flushing is anxiety so aiming for its reduction will most likely reduce your condition. Breathing exercises is one of the relaxation techniques that is helpful in reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the body’s blood. When carbon dioxide is reduced you will achieve mental tranquility when in a stressful situation. Hypnosis is also one way to decrease anxiety as it is proven effective for phobias and even addiction. Since anxiety is a mental issue then it will definitely work on preventing and relieving anxiety.
3. Improve blood circulation through exercise. More than just getting in shapeScience Articles, exercise is the easiest way to improve blood circulation. When your blood flow is improved the delivery of the blood to your face is also improved. You will not only stay fit but stop facial blushing!

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